Jack Frost Nipping at Your Blu-Ray Players this Holiday Season

Jack Frost

What a weird world we live in where the low budget direct-to-video 1997 serial killer snowman flick Jack Frost gets a special edition Blu-ray release before the big budget theatrically-released 1998 Jack Frost snowman family flick. Perhaps if the Michael Keaton-possessed snowman had raped Shannon Elizabeth to death with a carrot it would already have a fully loaded Blu-ray on store shelves.

As the Blu-ray market becomes increasingly niche, I take it as a good sign that more and more DTV genre flicks from the VHS heyday of the Nineties are getting remastered for the 21 century digital consumer.

Vinegar Syndrome has announced plans to thaw out Michael Cooney’s 1997 horror comedy Jack Frost about a serial killer on his way to execution who gets transformed in a chemical truck crash into a murderous morphing snowman that terrorizes a town during the Christmas season via a variety of winterized ways. Christopher Allport (To Live and Die in L.A.) plays the Sheriff of the town of Snomonton (“The Snowman Capitol of the Midwest”) who must contend with this frozen fiend. Pre-American Pie Shannon Elizabeth portrays one of Jack Frost’s victims in the film’s most notorious scene. I’ve been told in the past she prefers not to talk about this film; perhaps explaining why she isn’t amongst the myriad of disc extras.

• All extras on both disc formats
• Region free Blu-ray and DVD combo pack
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements
• Commentary track with Director Michael Cooney
• Video introduction from Director Michael Cooney
• Video interview with Lead Actor Scott MacDonald
• Video interview with Director of Photography Dean Lent
• Limited edition lenticular artwork by Chris Garofalo
• English SDH Subtitles

Vinegar Syndrome isn’t done pulling out all the stops for this one. When Jack Frost was originally released on VHS many of the covers included a lenticular hologram that morphed the titular terror from an ordinary snowman to its more monstrously toothy movie version. Vinegar Syndrome will be releasing a limited edition Blu-ray/DVD combo with a variation of that lenticular hologram cover only available on their website during their annual Black Friday sale.

Here’s the details:
Only available here on our website and a few other select retail partners, the Limited Edition Lenticular Cover Blu-ray/DVD release of JACK FROST! This lenticular edition is limited to 3,000 units and will be available during our Black Friday Weekend Sale (11/25 – 11/28). A standard ‘non-lenticular’ version will be available through all the usual outlets (Amazon, Deep Discount, etc…) on December 13th.

There you have it. Jack Frost on Blu-ray December 13th; special edition hologram cover available for only a weekend during Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday sale.

Makes you wonder what lesser known DTV horror flick from the 1990s will be the next to get dug out of mothballs.
Coincidentally, I think mothballs were one of the main ingredients used in bringing the Jack Frost special effects to life.

JackFrostLenticularCover - Jack Frost Nipping at Your Blu-Ray Players this Holiday Season

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