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shadowprowler scott derrickson image 2 1 336x188 - FrightFest 2021 Review: 'Shadowprowler' Is An Effective Home Invasion Thriller From Director Scott Derrickson
September 19, 2021

The director of Doctor Strange delivers a chilling home invasion short film with his son in the lead role.

prisoners of the ghostland still image 1 336x176 - FrightFest 2021 Review: 'Prisoners Of The Ghostland' Features Nicolas Cage At His Absolute Craziest
September 19, 2021

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage turns the craziness up to eleven in director Sion Sono's futuristic western film Prisoners of the

evie film still image 1 336x189 - FrightFest 2021: 'Evie' Is An Effective Social Drama With Implied Supernatural Elements
September 12, 2021

Evie is a haunting and effective drama about one woman struggling to fight off her inner demons so that she

the changed tony todd 336x170 - FrightFest 2021 Review: 'The Changed' Features Tony Todd In Bold And Daring Sci-Fi Horror Film
September 11, 2021

This mind-bending horror thriller will have you questioning the meaning of your existence.

the show alan moore 1 336x191 - FrightFest 2021: 'The Show' Is A Confusing Yet Engaging Supernatural Detective Mystery
September 11, 2021

The acclaimed comic writer tells a more low-key mystery story set in his native town of Northampton.

the retaliators
September 7, 2021

This incredibly violent revenge thriller asks how far we will go to avenge our loved ones.

Graham Humphreys Arrow Video FrightFest 2021 poster 336x336 - Arrow Video FrightFest 2021 Second Wave Of Films Announced
July 22, 2021

After the first wave of films were announced earlier this month, the second wave of horror films set to be