Do You See What I See? (Short, 2016)

do you see what i see 203x300 - Do You See What I See? (Short, 2016)Starring Caleigh Le Grand, Jorja Cadence, Adam Buller

Directed by Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney

Under the co-directing duties of Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney, their new short-film, Do You See What I See? takes the Christmas party “clearing out” to the extreme…even if it is under the strangest of circumstances.

The planning of a holiday party hasn’t been easy for Chris (Buller) and his sister-in-law Sloan (Le Grand) – you see, they’re both under the scrutiny-filled eyes of Chris’s wife, Jessica (Cadence). She wants the perfect X-mas get-together (complete with gift-wrapped house – no, I’m not kidding), and when guests start getting the “coal in their stocking” treatment from a masked intruder, let’s just say that the festivities will come to a screeching halt unless someone can stop the potential massacre.

The 14-minute short is amusing to say the least, and has a nice blend of comedic instances and slasher-film representation, and combined with some funny performances out of the lead cast, this looks to be one of those holiday quickies that really should be seen to help lighten the mood during a stale fiesta. Do yourself a favor and unwrap this gift when it becomes available to you later this year, cause good old Saint Nick would want it that way.

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User Rating 4.43 (7 votes)

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