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January 17, 2021
For an unprecedented dive into the genre filmmaking process, look for the documentary Clapboard Jungle on VOD in the US […]
August 14, 2020
Filmmaker Justin McConnell (Lifechanger) takes the viewer on a very personal exploration of the ups and downs involved in making […]
January 1, 2019
Today marks the North American release of Justin McConnell’s body horror film Lifechanger (Uncork’d Entertainment for US and Raven Banner […]
November 29, 2018
An antihero is a villain who nonetheless elicits sympathy and/or empathy; a ne’er-do-well whose inner humanity bubbles to the surface. […]
July 22, 2018
Director and writer Justin McConnell presents the horror thriller Lifechanger, a film with equal layers of desire and destruction. We […]
July 21, 2018
Starring Lora Burke, Jack Foley, Elitsa Bako Written by Justin McConnell Directed by Justin McConnell Reviewed at Fantasia 2018 All […]
July 4, 2018
Director George Mihalka (My Bloody Valentine) is a consulting producer on writer-director Justin McConnell’s Lifechanger, which is set to make its […]
July 21, 2017
Justin McConnell’s script Lifechanger has been picked up at Fantasia’s Frontieres Market with multiple companies joining hands to make it […]
May 18, 2017
Australia’s Dicentium Films and Canada’s Unstable Ground have teamed up to adapt Michael Prescott’s cult horror novel Kane into a […]
February 9, 2017
Another anthology is orbiting our planet, and this one is home to some interstellar tales of terror! Read on for […]
December 23, 2016
If you fancy your Christmas with an extra sprinkling of horror, then check out the new short Do You See […]
November 10, 2016
Starring Caleigh Le Grand, Jorja Cadence, Adam Buller Directed by Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney Under the co-directing duties of […]