Crazy Original Ending to Kevin Smith’s Red State Comes to Animated Life


It’s always a beautiful thing when filmmakers step outside boxes they’ve spent so many years in, and Kevin Smith did precisely that with 2011’s Red State. A genuinely terrifying tale about religious extremism gone horribly wrong, the film proved that Smith can do horror.

Filmed on a $4 million budget, Red State‘s originally scripted ending had to unfortunately be tossed out the window, as Smith’s vision for the finale was simply too grand for the money he had available to him. Now, that ending finally comes to life.

Entertainment Weekly partnered with Smith to give us a taste of what the original ending would’ve been like as part of their Scene Unseen feature. In the video Smith lays out the full original plan, while a fun animation depicts his crazy ass, super violent take on the Rapture.

Check out the latest edition of Scene Unseen below, animated by Dennis Fries and Dan Costales with sound design by Bobb Barito.




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