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michaelparkstuskbanner 336x224 - Rest in Peace: Michael Parks
May 10, 2017

We have another terrible piece of news to report as Kevin Smith has announced the passing of actor Michael Parks,

October 11, 2011

Post Thumb: /jul11/redss.jpg Kevin Smith’s long talked about and highly controversial new film Red State is finally hitting DVD and

August 8, 2011

Post Thumb: /jul11/redss.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0001x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0002x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0003x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0004x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0005x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0006x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0007x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0008x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0009x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0010x’, ‘/gallery/redstate/rsg0011x’ With Kevin Smith’s Red