Roadside – New Artwork Pulls Over!

On tap right now we have some brand spanking new artwork for the latest film from Eric England, Roadside. It’s up to you whether you hit the gas or pull over and check it out! Look for the film on DVD and Digital HD April 14th.

Ace Marrero, Katie Stegeman, and Lionel D. Carson star.

Dan and Mindy Summers are on a road trip along a desolate mountain highway when Dan is forced to exit the SUV to remove a dead tree blocking their path. Before he can get back inside, he and Mindy find themselves held hostage on the side of the road, trapped in their car by a mysterious, unseen gunman. They must fight for their lives in a sadistic game of cat and mouse set against a backdrop of numbing cold, pitch darkness, and raw terror. Dripping with suspense until the very last frame, Roadside offers massive thrills and a unique concept reminiscent of the films of Hitchcock.

roadside - Roadside - New Artwork Pulls Over!

Written by Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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