Starring Ace Marrero, Katie Stegeman, Brad Douglas Directed by Eric England Distributed by RLJ/Image Entertainment Eric England’s Roadside has an incredible opening credits sequence. Simplistic in its approach, it’s little more than animated yellow text on a black background set to some decidedly

Source Name:Bloody DisgustingSource Url:http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3138551/a-very-blue-poster-premiere-for-roadside-thriller/Post Thumb:/may12/roadsides.jpgMan, the news just will not stop today. Are you keeping up? Hope so! Next on tap for you cats is a look at an early one-sheet for Eric England's (Madison County) latest fear flick, Roadside.

Post Thumb:/mar12/fbjustices.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice1x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice2x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice3x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice4x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice5x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice6x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice7x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice8x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice9x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice10x', '/gallery/forbloodorjustice/forbloodorjustice11x', It's never good to find yourself in the wrong part of town. Nothing but bad things can happen there. But when the wrong part of town happens

Source Name:Bloody DisgustingSource Url:http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/24621Post Thumb:/may11/roadsides.jpgThe first images from director Eric England's next flick Roadside have made their way online and they're packing some action. It's good to see something other than folks standing around which is usually the case with