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Knetter’s Monthly Blood: Hope



From the twisted mind and sexy ass of famous horror author Joe Knetter comes another twisted tale of love, loss, and gore-soaked grue. Think you have the stomach for it?

Knetter's Monthly Blood

It didn’t take long for the pills to kick in. Danny passed out first. One minute he was going on about the bitches shaking their ass on TV. The next minute his head was hanging over the back of the couch, his mouth wide open, drool leaking to the floor. Eddie was going to be different. Based on his size I had tripled the dose.

Hey Fucker. Wake up.” Eddie yelled throwing his empty can of beer at his friend.

Jesus Christ what a pussy”, Eddie said sighing before he turned to me. “Hey Larra, why don’t you go get me another fucking beer … and while your up make me a fucking sandwich. And not peanut butter. A real sandwich with minced meat and shit.

Eddie let out a loud belch and changed the channel on the TV. I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I opened him another can of beer and dropped in a couple more pills. I was hoping it wouldn’t kill him. It was enough to put a fucking elephant to sleep. Granted he was almost as big as an elephant. I began to walk out of the kitchen when I remembered the sandwich. “Fuck”, I thought as I stopped in my tracks. I didn’t feel like digging out all of the ingredients. I looked at him sitting in his chair. I could hear him breathing hard which was a sure sign that he was drifting off. I’d have to move fast if I was going to do what I wanted to do. I walked up to him and sure enough his eyes were closed.

Eddie”, I said putting my right hand on his shoulder, shaking him. He snorted from his mouth and opened his eyes. They were as red as a boiled lobster.

What you want bitch?

I held the beer up in front of him. “I got your beer.

A look of confusion came across his face and he closed his eyes again. I opened my mouth to wake him up but before I could he grabbed the beer out of my hand and chugged it down in one big gulp. He never even opened his eyes. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Come on Eddie. Let’s go to bed.

You gonna suck my dick or what?” Eddie said as he rubbed his nose. A small green booger dropped out and clung to his upper lip.

Sure baby. Let’s go to the bedroom.

I stood up and took him by the hands. I pulled him but he didn’t budge. “Eddie. Eddie. Wake up. I can’t pick you up.

He leaned forward and stood up. He leaned to the side and almost fell over onto the coffee table. It’s a good thing he didn’t cause he would have smashed that thing like one of the empty can’s of beer strewn about the house. He caught his balance.

He put his arm around me and we began walking towards the bedroom. We stopped at the door.

Why we stopping baby?” Eddie asked. His eyes were completely shut and he was giving the raspberries to some unseen person.

I have to open the door sugar”, I said as I took the knob into my hand and turned it. Beyond the door was darkness. I shuffle stepped him so he was facing the doorway. I reached up and did something that till this day I’ve never forgotten. I wiped that little green booger from under his nose and put it into his mouth. He greedily sucked it down. I’m sure in his doped up mind we were starting foreplay … and to be honest in a way we were. I leaned him forward into the room and gravity took care of the rest. He toppled down the basement stairs into darkness. There were loud thuds as he bounced down. I could hear the rail come unhinged from the wall. He landed so hard at the bottom that I was sure he was dead. Then I heard the sound of raspberries again.

I easily dragged Danny to the stairs and pushed him down. There wasn’t that loud of a thud as he landed. There was however a very loud fart. It echoed throughout the basement. I flipped the light on and saw why. He had landed on Eddie’s stomach.

I began to walk down the stairs and I felt a little dizzy. I couldn’t believe I did it. I felt a little bit of guilt but that was quickly brushed aside by my feelings of empowerment. I had spent so long just being the hurt and wounded. I finally felt alive again. I quickly got to work.

I dragged Danny to the center of the basement. Eddie I rolled. I was able to get him lined up right next to Danny. I wanted to strip their clothes off right there and then but I didn’t know for sure how long they would be out. Plus the next step was the most critical. If I were to be able to finish what I had started I needed to make sure they were unable to get up. The whole idea came to me last week while I was down in the basement doing laundry. Eddie was upstairs, drunk, being his usual obnoxious self. I could hear Billy and Richard laughing their asses off. I had already put the load in the washer and folded the clothes in the dryer. Still I sat there, happy for this moment to be away from all the shit. I lit a cigarette and leaned back against the dryer. As I stood there a little brown mouse came running across the basement floor. I watched it pause and look at me, almost as though it was sizing me up, before it scurried away into a hole in the wall. In a lot of ways I wished I could be the mouse. Just hide away were no one could see me. In a way I already was. As I finished my smoke I heard loud footsteps from above which meant one of two things. Either Eddie was getting up to take a piss or he was coming to bitch at me. On nights like this I would be expected to cater to Eddie and his friends all night. “Get me this. Get me that. Hurry the fuck up.” They would say. In the beginning it was only Eddie that would boss me around. The other guys would just sit around and laugh. Now they all did it. I was nothing more than a servant to them. Pissing was the only thing they got up for. Since I was down here they would have to get up and get their own beers and snacks. That wouldn’t last long. As I listened to the footsteps I prayed that Eddie was up taking a leak. I heard the basement door open and the steps begin to creak. I braced myself.

What are you doing down here? Hiding?” Eddie said as he reached the bottom of the steps. The washer and dryer were located along the wall behind the steps so he couldn’t see me right away.

I’m doing laundry”, I replied as I began to refold the clothes.

Well can’t you hurry up? The games about to start and the guys and I want some snacks.

I’ll be up in a minute. I just need to finish this load.

His eyes glazed over for a second, almost like a shark, and he smiled.

I think I may have one more load for you after that one.

I tensed up. In the beginning sex with Eddie was unbelievable. When I first saw his cock I gasped. It was huge. It was definitely the kind of meat that could hurt a girl if you weren’t careful. Eddie was always careful. He took his time and made sure it was pleasurable for both of us. I had multiple orgasms almost every time. For being such a big guy he was so caring and gentle, unless I wanted him to be a little rough. Then he would be, but never in a mean spirited way. He always took care of me. A comment like he just said would have got me wet immediately a few years ago. Now it just made me cringe. He stepped forward and grabbed a hold of my tits and began squeezing. He leaned down and began to whisper in my ear.

C’mon baby. Let’s fuck.

There was no denying him. When he wanted to fuck we fucked whether I wanted to or not. He let go of my breasts and reached down and squeezed his cock through his jeans. After all these years as much as I hated him, I still loved him. It was a sickness. I can see that now. I turned my head and brushed my lips against his trying for a kiss. Instead he pulled away and turned me around. He reached down and pulled my sweatpants and underwear down. I heard him unzip his pants and then he was in me. There was no easing it in and my natural lubrication had stopped working for him months ago. It hurt as he pounded away. He pushed my face down until it rested on the clothes sitting on top of the dryer. I could hear him grunt as he plugged away. He was doing it so hard that my knees were banging loudly against the front of the dryer.

Eddie”, I said gasping, “It hurts. Not so hard.

You like it bitch. I know you do. Now shut up and don’t talk.

The pain was excruciating. I hoped he would shoot his seed quick. It was then that I heard the giggling. I tried to turn my head to look but Eddie just pushed me down harder. The clothes fell to the floor and my face was pushed against the cold white metal. He pounded me like this for close to five minutes. Usually he was done much faster. He liked to get in and then get out so to say. Finally I heard his breathing become more labored. He let go of my head and grabbed my hips as he pushed in to the hilt, ejaculating. He pulled out and I heard applause. I turned my head and there stood Billy and Richard clapping. Eddie had been putting on a show for them. As he zipped up, he wiped his brow and said, “Told ya you wanted one more load.” The guys began to laugh hysterically. I quickly pulled my pants up as they clutched one another. Tears were flowing from their faces. Eddie high-fived Richard as they walked to the stairs. He stopped at the bottom and then turned to me. “Now hurry up. We need some snacks God dammit. I’m fucking hungry as hell.” With that they were gone. As I sat there humiliated I contemplated ending it all. Right there. Right then. Surely there was something I could use to slit my wrists. I looked around and began to cry. I leaned against the concrete wall and began banging my fist against it. How did it come to this? It was so different. So good at first. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I make it work? Why? It was then that I saw it by my feet. The mouse. It had returned. It sat there looking at me; it’s little nose sniffing away. I stopped crying and just stared at it. Here was this little creature, standing next to me, with no fear. I could easily just lift my foot up and crush it. It didn’t care. It just sat there. Sure it had fear when I first saw it. But still, it came out of the wall, out of hiding and here it was, right in front of me. I said earlier that I wanted to be the mouse. I wanted to hide. I also said that in a way I was. At that moment I realized how right that was. Five years ago I had gone into the wall. I had been hiding … from myself … from life. How long had I lived for someone else? Never loving myself and taking care of myself. Solely playing hooker and cleaning lady to someone who just didn’t give a shit. My whole world was wrapped around him and he didn’t fucking care. He lived his life, shitty as it was and had a good time while I buried myself.

On that day…at that moment I vowed to change things. And I did.

Eddie and Danny lay next to each other on the cement floor. They were both snoring loudly. Eddie usually did when he was really drunk. I walked away from them briskly and went to the dryer. I opened up the front. There was no laundry just a potato sack. I took it out. It was pretty heavy but I was able to carry it over without much of a problem. My adrenaline was flowing like crazy. I set the bag down next to them and began to remove the contents. It consisted of 4 sets of shackles, 4 padlocks and 4 thick chains. The Padlocks and chains were pretty easy to find. I just went to the corner hardware store. I was worried about finding shackles. I had seen them plenty of times in the movies but never in real life. Lucky for me I lived in LA. Plenty of sex stores. Now in most communities the sex stores carried handcuffs that were more for show than anything. LA has such a big S&M culture that I was able to track down what I needed much faster than I thought. I didn’t intend to start what I was doing for at least a month. However I found everything so easily that I took it as a sign. I wanted to do it as soon as possible.

I pulled both of Eddie arms straight up over his head and put on the shackles. I did the same to Danny. There was about eight inches of chain running between each of their shackled arms. I grabbed a length of the extra chain I bought and wrapped it around the chain. I pulled both of the loose ends until they stretched to the wall. Running along the wall was a thick metal pipe about two feet off of the ground. The pipe ran all the way around the basement. It was bolted to the wall every three feet. What the pipe was for, I never knew. But it came in handy.

I told you about Eddie fucking me in front of his friends and the mouse but what I didn’t tell you about was what happened after. After realizing what my life had become I reached down and picked up the mouse. Now I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth. I just scooped him up in my hands and held it in front of my face. It continued to just calmly look at me with a gleam in its eyes.

Thank you”, I said to the mouse sweetly. At that moment it jumped from my hands against the wall. It landed on the pipe and turned towards me again. I watched it slowly walk on the pipe all around the perimeter of the basement. It took the mouse less than a minute to complete the lap. It stopped in front of me again briefly before dropping to the floor and running into its hole. I looked from the mouse hole to the pipe and had an idea.

Now Eddie was too big and strong to just tie up or handcuff. Even if I chained him up he had the strength to break the chains…if he had momentum. So the first thing that needed to be done was to make sure he couldn’t get any force behind his pulls.

I wrapped each end of the chain around the pipe a few times until it was tight. I then used the padlock to hold it in place. I did the same thing to Danny. Now they both laid on their backs with their arms extended above their heads, chained to the wall. It was a good start. However there was still more to do. If I left it like that Eddie could just stand up and pull on the pipe. While it was really heavy-duty steel, I’m sure he could have eventually broken it. That’s where the other shackles came in. I attached them to their legs the same way I did to their arms. Pulled the chain tight and padlock them to the opposite wall. Now they both laid with their limbs outstretched to the max. There was no slack in the chains. It almost reminded me of a medieval torture device. Something to stretch them out. What it effectively did was hold them in place. They couldn’t move an inch and best of all they couldn’t use any power to get momentum. They were locked up, plain and simple. Doing all of this took me about fifteen minutes. I had begun to break a sweat because I was rushing. In all the time I was in the basement with them through the whole ordeal beginning to end that fifteen minutes were the most nerve wracking. I kept waiting for them to wake up. Catch me before I could finish. It would certainly have been the end of me for sure. I went upstairs to get a drink of water. I didn’t wait for it to cool down so it was lukewarm. I didn’t care. I chugged the whole glass in one sip and set it in the sink. I caught my reflection in the window above the sink and smiled at myself for the first time in what felt like years.

I heard noise from downstairs. It sounded like coughing. On the way back to the basement I stopped at the desk that sat at the end of the hallway and picked up a pair of scissors.

By the time I got downstairs Eddie had woken up. He was clearing his throat when I stepped next to him and looked down. In all the time I was with him I think this was the first time I looked down at him. It was kind of symbolic in a way.

Ugh … ugh … hmpfff … What’s goin on?” He asked as he squinted his eyes.

Nothing much”, I said, “I just thought it was time for us to have a talk.

Oww … my head hurts”, he said still dazed. I don’t think he had fully realized the predicament he was in. He was still drunk or possibly loopy on the downers. I noticed a cut on the side of his head. It wasn’t very big and wasn’t bleeding much however a very sizable bump had formed underneath it.

Oh I’m sorry about your head. Where does it hurt? Right here I bet.” I said as I pushed my thumb into the small cut on the side of his head. The cut opened and blood began pouring out. He turned his head but I just kept digging it in. I got my thumb under his skin up to my first knuckle. It wasn’t sticking straight in; it was more of an angle. But it was still pretty gross to see. When I pulled my thumb out the wound stayed open slightly. Like a tiny vagina after a good hard fucking.

God dammit! You bitch! I’ll fucking kill you!”, he screamed at me. He looked side to side after he said it. He paused when he noticed Danny lying next to him. Because of the size difference between the two Eddie could look and see Danny chained up. It was then that he fully realized what was going on.

You better let me outta here mama. The game is fucking over. I’ll go easy on you if you do it right now. I …

Shut the fuck up Eddie”, I said cutting him off. He looked dumbfounded. Kind of like the first time he tried filling out a job application. It didn’t seem to register immediately as to what I said. Then he growled like a dog. Under the circumstances it was pretty funny. I’m also pretty sure if he had the chance he would have bitten my face off right then and there.

God dammit let me the fuck up now!”, he screamed as he tried the thrash around. The chains did their job. He barely moved. I could see the effort he was trying to put in and it was all for not. He wasn’t moving. I had planned this out too well. Then I did something that gave me great pleasure. I balled my hand into a fist and punched him square in the nose. I felt his nose crunch. I shuddered; it felt so good. He calmed down almost immediately. We stared into each other’s eyes for a few brief seconds.

You know I’m gonna fucking kill you for this”, he said finally breaking the silence.

I felt a quick tinge of terror creep in. Even bounded he could still frighten me a little.

I know you would”, I said, “That’s why I can’t let you out.” I said as I set the scissors down and stepped away from him. I walked back to the dryer. I reached in again and pulled out the second bag.

What are you doing now? You’re gonna be begging me to kill you when I’m done you fucking slut.

I walked back over to him and stood above him again. I reached into the brown paper bag and pulled out a leather ball and gag. His eyes opened wide and I quickly leaned down and strapped it around his head. He tried to fight but it was no use. It was only a matter of seconds before it was on. He tried screaming but couldn’t. Instead a muffled choking sound came from behind the gag.

Now I’m sick of listening to your shit Eddie. Be a good bitch and just shut the fuck up.
I put the ball and gag on Danny also. He was still completely unconscious. Boy was he in for a rude awakening.

I picked the pair of scissors up and slowly lowered them to Eddies face. When I was about half a foot away I opened and closed them very slowly. He tensed up. This was gonna be fun. I lowered the blades to his face and began to run them up and down his cheek. I ran the point up to his right eye and poked it in slightly. Not enough to do any real damage, just put a little pressure on it. I’m not sure exactly how long I teased him with the scissors. One minute, five minutes, twenty minutes…. who knows? It was hard keeping track of time when you were having so much fun. I finally used the scissors for what I brought them down for. I cut off Eddie and Danny’s clothes. I threw the clothes to the side and stood above their naked bodies. Eddie stared at me the whole time. I dropped to my knees and straddled Eddie’s naked body. It felt good to be in control and I felt excited. Not for Eddie…for me. I liked this feeling. This feeling of power.

Now listen Eddie. I’m going to take your gag off … and I want you to be quiet. If you yell I’m gonna hit you in the nose again. I’m fairly certain I broke it when I hit you before. I’m sure it hurts something awful and I’d hate to make it worse but know this Eddie I will hit you again if you don’t do as I say. You got it?

He nodded his head in agreement. I reached down and took the gag off.

Now listen. I’m just giving you a little payback. After all you’ve done to me over the years I think you have it coming. When all is said and done I’m going to leave you Eddie and I don’t ever want to see you again. I’ll call Dianne on the way out and she’ll come let you out ok. After that I’ll disappear.

You really think you can leave? Just disappear?” Eddie asked with a smirk.

I know I can.”, I replied, “I’ve been hiding the last five years. And by the way”, I said before driving my fist into his nose again. “I told you to be quiet.

Tears began to run from his eyes. It was the first time I had ever seen him cry. The pain must have been immense. His nose was decimated. It was pretty much flat and what used to be the tip sat grotesquely to the left. I sat and waited for him to compose himself.

Next time you speak I’m going to put the gag back on you and pinch your nostrils shut. You will be unable to breath and you will die. I don’t want to kill you…but I will. I will kill you. You and Danny.” I looked at Danny and laughed. He had an erection sticking straight up into the air. “Looks like Danny’s having a hell of a dream.” Eddie turned his head towards Danny. “You always accused me of cheating on you”, I said, “And I never once did … ever. You always said if you ever found out you’d beat the guy and me to a pulp.” I reached out and put my hand on Danny’s cock and squeezed. Eddie opened his mouth and then closed it. I smiled. “Nope I never touched another man since I was with you. At first cause I loved you so much then later on because you made me hate sex so much it never crossed my mind. This is the first cock other than yours I’ve felt in ten years.” I began stroking it up and down. “How would you feel if I just jumped on it and fucked him Eddie? Right in front of you, gave you a little show. Slid your friend’s hard hard cock in my pussy. I bet I could cum quick Eddie. You know how long it’s been since I’ve had an orgasm? Years.

Eddie’s body went rigid and I could tell it was taking all the self-control he had to keep from exploding. I began to moan slightly between words. “MMMmmm it would … mmmmm … feel so … good.” I began stroking Danny’s cock faster. Danny was still completely out. Just then I felt his cock pulsate and cum begin to squirt out all over my hand. I stroked it for a few seconds more until the cum quit flowing out. I let go of his cock and held my hand up for Eddie to see.

Look at this. Your friend came even faster than you do.” I kept turning my hand slightly to keep the cum from dripping off. Eddie just looked away.

I tilted my hand to the side and the semen began dripping off onto Eddies face. He turned his head and I moved slightly and dripped some right on his lips. He began spitting. While he was doing that I dripped some into his left eye. He closed it quickly and only a little got in, the rest stuck to his eyelashes. “Burns like hell when you get it into your eye doesn’t it?” I asked. I reached my hand down and began to rub it into his face. “What did you always tell me? Good for my complexion.” I ran my finger to the cut on his face and slid my cum covered finger into the wound. I said it looked like a vagina and I treated it like one. I finger fucked his bloody cut rubbing his best friends cum into the tissue under the skin. Finally Eddie could hold back no more. He screamed and I picked up the gag.

I went upstairs to get a drink. I looked out the window into the back yard. The moon was full and the stars were bright. Where we lived you were lucky to even see a few stars let alone a whole sky full. It was beautiful. I went and sat down on the couch. It wasn’t until then that I realized how tired I was. I drifted off.

When I awoke the night had faded and dawn had arrived. I looked at the clock hanging above the TV. It said 5:42. I sat up and felt pain in my shoulder. I groaned quietly and began to rub it. I turned my head to the side and it cracked. I rotated my shoulder blade and it seemed to loosen up a little. I reached forward to the coffee table and picked up a pack of smokes. I lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. I stood up and walked to the back door. Our dog sat in his kennel, sad and lonely. I went outside and the dog stood up and began panting. “It’s alright boy”, I said opening the cage, “Come on in, I’ll give ya something to eat.” I rubbed the top of the dog’s head and it nuzzled my leg. I led the dog in and opened the cupboard under the sink. That is where we kept the dog food. Big industrial sized bags of the cheap hard shit. I looked at the dog waging its tail and closed the door. Not today. Today it wasn’t going to eat the cheap shit. I opened the fridge and took out a package of deli meats. I dropped a piece on the floor and he greedily ate it up. I dropped another and another until the package was gone. It felt good. I felt good. The stiffness and grogginess seemed to leave my body.

Ok boy, mama’s got some work to do. I’ll be back up in a bit, ok?” I said patting the top of his head. The dog lay down and stretched out. I walked to the basement stairs and began tiptoeing down. I had left the light on. There was no movement from the two of them. I crept up to them and they were both sound asleep. I smirked. Fucking men. Even with all this going on they still fucking crashed. Danny might not have even woken up yet. I looked at his flaccid dick and smiled. I had humiliated Eddie. Down to the bone. No one had ever been able to do that. He was always mister tough guy. I looked at his face. His nose was all mashed in. There was dried blood all over his face and neck. Every time he breathed I could hear a quiet whistle. I pulled my sweatpants and underwear off and bent down above his face. I began urinating. Bright gold piss washed over him. He breathed in and got a nose full of piss. His eyes opened and he began choking. I looked to the right and saw Danny looking at me. There was grave concern in his eyes. I stepped over to him, leaving a yellow piss road between the two and dribbled some urine into his eyes. There wasn’t much left by then. Just a few streams but it was enough. He opened and closed his eyes rapidly. I could tell it was burning like a motherfucker. I held my mouth and giggled like a schoolgirl. What I was doing was so childish…if torture and degradation could be considered childlike. I began talking to Danny.

Listen Danny. I realize you are very confused right now. But I need you to listen to what I have to say.” He began to try and talk and scream behind the gag. “Danny shut up.” He kept making noise. Like I could understand anything anyway. I calmly picked up the scissors that were still sitting there. A look of terror came across his face and he shook his head. “Now listen Danny. If you make any noise I’m going to hurt you. Look at Eddie. I did a number on his nose. Busted it to shreds. Eddie’s big and tough. You know that. Still he cried like a baby. You can’t handle nearly as much as he can. If I made him cry, think what do you think I’ll do to you.” Danny began to tremble. I turned back to Eddie.

Oh Eddie look at you. You’re a mess. I better clean your face up for you.” I stood up and walked back towards the washer and dryer. There was an empty bucket sitting on the ground. I snatched it up and went to the water heater. There was a small valve at the front that you were supposed to use occasionally to drain out some of the water. I filled the bucket up. Steam poured off of it. I carried the bucket back over to the guys.

Now this may hurt a little. But we need to clean that wound up. I hate for it to get infected.” I tilted the bucket and splashed a few drops onto Eddie’s belly. Pain washed over him. He looked at me and began shaking his head. I moved the bucket down until it was above his groin. His legs tensed up and I could see his abdominal muscles flex. I pretended to tip the bucket a few times. Each time he tensed up even more. He was crying again. “Oh Eddie. Are you crying again? Ohh … I’m sorry I feel terrible. Here let me wash those tears away.” I poured the scalding hot water onto his face. He flung his head side to side but he couldn’t avoid it. I didn’t dump the whole bucket on him, just enough to blister his face. It turned bright red immediately and then white. I looked over at Danny and he was crying also. How many times had they made me cry? I couldn’t even fathom a count. I walked back to the water heater and set the bucket down. As I walked back I noticed a nasty smell. I got to Danny and saw why. He had shit himself.

Now boys. I’m going to take your gags off now. You will stay quiet or I will fucking kill you. You got it? I will fucking cut your dicks right off and shove them in each other’s ass.” I unhooked Danny’s gag first. Other than whimpering he stayed quiet. His lower lip quivered like mad. Taking Eddie’s off was a little more difficult. Large blisters had formed on his face around the leather strap. As I pulled the gag off some of the blisters popped. Pus ran down his face. Eddie grunted and a quiet “Ahh” escaped from his mouth. I raised my hand to hit him and he closed his eyes waiting for it but I stopped. Surely I could permit a few little “Ohhs and Ahhs”, especially after what I had put him through. I stood between them and looked down. My two little bitches.

Now remember, keep quiet. I’d hate to have to cut your dicks off. Especially after all the great times they’ve given me.” I said the last part in a very condescending voice. The two men just looked at each other. Danny looked at Eddie and shook his head violently. Even now, chained up, naked, Danny still feared Eddie.

Don’t worry Danny. Eddie knows we’ve just had one experience together.” Danny again shook his head. I looked at Eddie and he turned away, full of shame.

It wasn’t your fault”, I said to Danny, “While you were passed out last night I took advantage of you while Eddie watched. Don’t worry though. We didn’t fuck. I just jerked you off.” Danny looked at me confused and then looked at Eddie. Eddie still looked away.

You came too fast for me to fuck you. Just like Mr. Thirty-Seconds over there. You came all over my hand. It was a big load too. And then I fed it to Eddie. Truth be told I think he liked it. I don’t think it was his first time tasting you.” They both cringed.

How many times did you two faggots suck each other off? I bet lots. Did you butt fuck each other too? I bet you did. I bet you took turns pulling your shit-covered cocks out of each other’s assholes and licking them clean. You fucking fags.

I reached down between Danny’s legs and picked up a piece of shit. It was still warm and squishy. Eddie still had his head turned. I mashed the turd into Eddie’s mouth. He tried turning his head but I used my other hand to push down on his forehead. I rubbed the turd back and forth across his lips and then his teeth. I scrubbed his teeth with the shit. I pushed so hard that the front two caved in. It was gross. Between the blisters and mashed up nose and now the caved in teeth covered in shit, Eddie had truly became hard to even look at. I felt sick to my stomach. I could feel the vomit begin to push up my throat into my mouth. I quickly turned and leaned over and puked. This part I didn’t do on purpose. If I had time to think I would have surely done it. As luck would have it though it just worked out for me. I puked all over Danny’s face.

Now guys. I’m going to put the gags back on you. I told you Eddie that I just wanted payback and then I was going to leave. And that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t want to kill you. I just wanted to hurt you like you’ve hurt me. I’ve done that. I’m going to put on the gags and then I’m going to go upstairs, pack some things and leave. However before I leave I will call Dianne and tell her to come over here. She’ll find you and call the cops and the hospital. You’ll be fine. You’ll recover. Me I’m gonna leave and never come back. I know you’ll want to come looking for me and you probably will. I assure you it will be futile. Do you understand this?

Danny nodded his head. I put his gag on. Eddie just looked at me. “Do you understand me Eddie?” There was a blank stare and then Eddie calmly spoke. “No matter where you go. What you do. I’m going to find you … and I’m going to kill you.

I leaned down to him. He was now as nasty on the outside as he was the inside. “I’m sure you mean that Eddie and I’m sure you’ll try. I’m not stupid. You will fail. Just like you have with just about everything. These last ten hours have been the best ten hours I’ve had with you in the last five years. I’ll always remember who you were in the beginning Eddie. The person I feel in love with. I realize now that was not you. Not really. That was an act. You know what Eddie? This is you. Disgusting. What I’ve done to you is something you deserved. You’ll spend the rest of your life remembering what I did. Every time you look in the mirror you’ll see it. No matter how hard you scrub you’ll never get that taste of shit and cum out of your mouth. You are nothing Eddie. You are worse than nothing. You are a joke. You took away all my hopes and dreams. Well I wanted them back and I took them. I am full of hope and life now. You…are empty. Your life is hopeless. You are over.” I put his gag back on his head and stood up. I turned away from him and walked up the stairs. I took a long hot shower and washed the fear away. Saying those things to Eddie truly made me feel at peace. After showering I did exactly what I said I would do. I packed a bag and called Dianne.

What do you want cunt?”, Dianne said when she heard my voice. She sounded extremely hung over and she probably was.

Eddie needs you to come over here right now. He got really drunk and twisted his ankle last night. I tried to take him to the doctor but he wouldn’t go with me. He wants you to take him.

Fuck that. Why won’t he let you take him?” She asked.

Because if I go they will ask questions. He … he …” I pretended to cry. “He beat me real bad last night. My eye is swollen and my nose is broke. If I take him they will ask questions.

She perked up almost immediately. It was funny. She hated me so much that upon hearing I had been beaten her hangover was gone.

Bet you deserved it too. Alright I’ll be over there in a few minutes.

Before I could even say ok she hung up.

I loaded my suitcase into the car and went back into the house to get the dog. She happily jumped into the front seat.

Now the next part of the story I can’t give you all the details. I don’t know everything that happened. For I wasn’t there. I can tell you this.

Dianne arrived and came into the house. She yelled for Eddie and he didn’t respond. She searched the upstairs for a few minutes before noticing the basement light on. She went down the stairs and found them. Her reaction to what she saw and what she said to them I’ll never know. I do know that she didn’t get a chance to get the gags off before I hit her with the shovel.

She fell hard to the ground. I knocked her out cold and I wasn’t surprised. I swung for the fences.

I looked at Eddie. “One last thing Eddie. I said you were hopeless and that wasn’t true. I gave you hope. I told you I’d leave and you’d be ok, a little fucked up and scarred for life but ok. That was hope as shitty as it was and I gave it to you. I’m here to take it back. You have no hope Eddie. I’m going to kill you. Simple as that. You are going to die and then I’ll never have to worry about you hurting me again.

I dragged Dianne away from them. She began to moan quietly. She had always been a bitch to me. Equally abusive as her brother. As much as I wanted to torture her this was about me and Eddie. I grabbed her around the throat and began squeezing. Her face turned purple and she was still too groggy to put up a fight. Her mouth opened and her tongue stuck out of her mouth. Towards the end her eyes flicked open and I could see realization in her eyes. She knew what was happening. Knew who was doing it to her and knew she couldn’t stop it. After she died I let go of her neck. There were large bruises already forming. Her eyes continued to stare at nothing. I walked over to the dryer and lit a cigarette. Obviously I had never killed anyone before. I didn’t know I had it in me and to this day I still don’t think I do. No, what I did that day wasn’t murder it was self defense. A human can only be pushed so far before they snap. I liken it to a rubber band. If you pick up a rubber band and start stretching it eventually it is going to snap. When that happens do you blame the rubber band or the person stretching it?

I stood and smoked and thought about things. I thought of all the abuse, verbal and physical. I had simply been stretched to far. I snapped. What else can I say?

Danny came next. I went upstairs and picked up a butcher knife. I came back down and held it to his throat. Tears flooded his eyes as he tried begging for his life. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but given the circumstances I assume that’s what he was trying to do. I pushed down with the blade and slid it hard to the right. His throat opened and blood began running out. It wasn’t like the movies where it squirts everywhere. It just sort of leaked out. There was a wet sound as he tried to breathe. After a minute or so he quit gurgling. His pupils were fixed and dilated. I smoked another cigarette after killing Danny. As I dropped it onto the ground to step it out I noticed blood on my hands. It was surreal. It didn’t seem real. I walked back to Eddie.

Eddie … oh my Eddie. How I loved you. At one point I would have done anything for you and I thought you felt the same. You lied to me Eddie. You abused me. You hurt me. Why did you have to do that? Why?” I took the gag off.

I hill hove you, haby”, he said. It was hard to understand since his face was a mess but I got it. I looked at him and put my head down. “I wish I could believe you Eddie.

Hou can heliev he Harra. I hove hou. Hi hant it to he hike hold himes.

You mean it Eddie? That’s all I want. I didn’t want any of this. I just wanted you.

I reached down and grabbed his large cock in my hand and began stroking it. Even after all this. The torture, humiliation, that fact that I just killed his sister and best friend he still got hard.

Hi hove hou. Hi hallways have.

His cock was rock hard. I swung the butcher knife at it and began sawing it. Eddie screamed in pain. It took about twenty good slices to get all the way through. I stood up and held it above him.

“Hope, Eddie. I gave you a little hope again and you bought it. I told you … hopeless.”

I began hitting him repeatedly across the face with his own severed cock. Blood was flowing out of it fast so it lost its rigidness quickly. I just kept swinging the flesh at him, slapping him across the face. I shoved the flaccid hunk of meat into his mouth. He tried to fight but with his front teeth mashed in it was pretty easy. I held his mouth shut and put the gag back on. He was losing color quickly as blood poured out of his groin.

All I ever wanted from you Eddie was your heart. Was that so much to ask for?” I plunged the blade into his chest, splitting his breastbone. I slit him open from belly to neck. His ribcage just sort of popped open. His heart was barely beating. It was more like a random hiccup. I cut it out and held it to his face. I’m not sure he saw it before he died. I want to believe he did but most likely he was already gone. It didn’t matter. It was more symbolic than anything.

Anyway, there wasn’t much left to do after that. I had to take another shower to clean all the blood off. After drying off and getting dressed I went down to the basement one last time. I’m not sure why. I guess to see how I felt. I stood next to Eddie. His face was all contorted and swollen. I noticed movement around the initial cut on his face. You remember the one I fingered. Anyway it was bulging. After a few seconds the mouse stuck it’s head out of the hole and clawed its way out. It stood on Eddie’s dead face and looked at me.

Thank you”, I said with tears in my eyes. The mouse crawled off of Eddie’s face and ran to the hole in the wall. It paused one last time before running in. I turned and walked up the stairs. I got in the car with my dog and drove away.

Wow, that’s some story.” My agent Mark says as I finish telling the tale, “Not sure we can publish it with all the gory details. We may have to cut a little back but it’s definitely powerful stuff. We might have to work on the ending a little too. The fans will want to know what happens to her. Maybe list some more details so people can get behind why she did what she did. How soon can you get me a first draft?

I sat rocking in my chair. My last two novels had been best sellers. They had been hounding me for the next one for the last few months and I had nothing. Finally last night it came to me. I called Mark and he drove out today to hear about it.

Oh I think I can get you one by the end of the month.” I reply.

Outstanding. The world’s clamoring for the next Marcy Jacobs novel. This ones going to make us rich.

I don’t care about that. I just want to tell a story.

And you will. To millions of people. I just wish you’d do some signings and appearances. Maybe some interviews. There’s always speculation that you’re not even real. I’ve even heard a few people say you’re really Stephan King. Of course that might help sell so…you should show the world the writer behind the madness though.

You know I don’t like that stuff. That’s why I live out here. I like to keep things low key. No pictures. No appearances. Let them think what they want as long as I’m left alone. That’s why I use a pen name.

Fair enough. Well …”, he says checking his watch, “It’s about time for me to get back. It’s dark out and it’s a hell of a drive to get back to the city. Especially with all the damn side roads it takes to get here. I’m surprised I was even able to find it.

Ok Mark. I’ll get to work on writing the book.

Good deal. It’s a real great story.

Here let me walk you out”, I say leaning forward in my rocking chair.

No need. I’ll let myself out. It’s good to see you Marcy. If the book is anything close to what you just told me it’ll be a hit.

After he left. I got up from the chair and walked into the kitchen for a glass of water. I waited a few seconds for it to get cold. While I was waiting I looked outside. Living in the desert has many perks. Without all the damn lights and neon signs and shit you can see a clear sky every night. Many nights I just sit outside, underneath the stars and write. It’s peaceful. I like being left alone. I fill the glass half way with water and turn the faucet off. I then walk over to the refrigerator and open the freezer side. I plop in a few ice cubes and take a sip. My throat is very dry from all the talking I just did pitching the novel idea to my agent. I swallow a big gulp. I reach into the freezer for a couple more ice cubes and instead pull out the whole tray. I set it to the side and pull out the ziplock bag stashed behind it.

After all these years I still have it. I’m not talking about the heart that sits frozen in the plastic bag I’m holding in my hands. I’m talking about something else, something entirely different. I’m talking about hope.

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