Outlander Pits Jesus Vs. Monster


Outlander pre-production artThe first chunk of casting for the upcoming monster/sci fi/Viking epic Outlander has taken place, and as I always predicted would happen, Jesus has stolen the role.

Specifically, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s gore film The Passion of the Christ, is in talks to take the lead role in the Weinstein Co. flick, which is set to roll next month in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Wow, how many movies do you hear about being made in Newfoundland? Weird.

For those who have forgotten, Outlander is the story of a spaceship that crashes to Earth during Viking times, bringing with it a deadly creature known as Moorween. The monster gets out and decimates the population of a village, and the astronaut, or outlander as it were, must team with a band of Vikings to destroy the creature once and for all.

Jack Houston and Sophia Miles have also joined the cast with relative newcomer Howard McCain in the director’s seat.

Johnny Butane

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