This Notorious Stephen King Movie Is Now Free To Stream … But Should You?

Stephen King
Courtesy of Good Morning America on ABC

I consider myself a pretty big Stephen King fan, though every time I feel caught up, there’s something new—something I’ve missed—available for me to read or watch. Half of that has to do with the inordinately impressive rate at which King puts out new material. The other half is simply some titles being lost to time. Case in point? Trucks, a movie I’d never heard of before but am now certifiably obsessed with. Better still, you can catch it on Tubi right now.

Check out a trailer and synopsis below:

Per Tubi: It’s man against machine in this Stephen King-penned joy ride in which a small truck stop town is conquered by a mob of homicidal autonomous trucks.

It’s a small subgenre, but killer cars remain one of my favorites. There’s the apotheosis of the subgenre with John Carpenter’s Christine, of course, but there’s also The Car which, as the title suggests, is about a killer car. What about Maximum Overdrive? Come on, killer cars are about the coolest thing next to killer dinosaurs.

While I wasn’t around for the contemporaneous reaction, rumor has it Trucks is among the worst of them. Widely considered one of the weakest Stephen King releases out there, it endures today as a cult oddity, a weird movie with a weird (killer) plot that matters more to completionists than anyone else.

Some of the criticism makes sense, notably that Trucks undercuts its own delicious premise with a need to be logical and, unfortunately, self-serious. I’m not suggesting it tilt over into full-borne irony, but a movie about killer trucks should have more fun than Trucks sometimes does.

What do you think? Do you plan to check out Trucks on Tubi? Among Stephen King releases, especially those made for television, where does Trucks land for you? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins.



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