The #1 Most-Watched Netflix International Thriller of all Time is “A true masterpiece”

Netflix thriller Nowhere

This 2023 international Netflix survival thriller is still breaking records. The streamer recently updated their Top 10 Most Popular Lists. It revealed Nowhere is the top thriller in the Films (Non-English) category. The title has been viewed a whopping 85,700,000 times, which means people have spent 155,600,000 hours watching the harrowing tale. This feat is even more impressive because the data is based on views during the first 91 days on the app. 

Nowhere was directed by Albert Pintó (Sky RojoMoney HeistKilling God). It was written by Ernest Riera, Miguel Ruz, Indiana Lista, Seanne Winslow, and Teresa Rosendoy.The movie stars Anna Castillo (A Perfect Story, Amar en tiempos revueltosWild Flowers) and Tamar Novas (Broken EmbracesThe Ministry of Time).

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In the film, 

“Mia is a pregnant woman who, together with her husband, flees a totalitarian country hiding in a sea container. After being forcibly separated, she must fight for her survival when a violent storm throws her into the sea. Alone and adrift in the middle of the ocean, Mia will face every issue to save her daughter’s life and reunite with her partner.”

Nowhere’s captivating premise and claustrophobic setting immediately won over fans last year. Many Netflix subscribers could not stop praising Anna Castillo’s performance.

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The film debuted on September 29, 2023, and moved into the Netflix Top 10 Films Charts in 93 countries. It remained in the Global Top 10 Films (Non-English) for 15 weeks straight before finally being dethroned the week of February 11, 2024.

Are you one of the 85,700,000 people who viewed Nowhere when it first hit Netflix? Is it one of your favorite survival thrillers of all time? Let me know what you think about this international sensation at @misssharai.



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