Sexy Jenna Ortega Thriller Climbs Apple Streaming Charts: “How is any of this legal”

Jenna Ortega in Miller's girl

Listen, Jenna Ortega is a star, and I get that people are excited to see her in things. She’s one of the best parts of the new Scream, and I love how seamlessly she subverts expectations in Ti West’s X. She’s even going to be in Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, which feels like a natural home for her. Beyond horror, I’d suggest checking out The Fallout. It’s a remarkably accomplished directorial debut for Megan Park, and Ortega is sensational.

Maybe skip out on Miller’s Girl, though. Or don’t, I guess, and join the legions of fans renting it on Apple TV. Over the weekend, it cracked the Top 10 for Apple TV rentals. Check out a trailer and synopsis below:

Per AppleTV: A talented young writer (Jenna Ortega) embarks on a creative odyssey when her teacher (Martin Freeman) assigns a project that entangles them both in an increasingly complex web. As lines blur and their lives intertwine, professor and protégé must confront their darkest selves while straining to preserve their individual sense of purpose and the things they hold most dear.

I was most excited for Miller’s Girl because of Martin Freeman because, well, where has he been? Stuff, I presume, but not anything I’ve seen. I’ll never scoff at more Freeman, but Miller’s Girl is conspicuously not for me. In our review here, Sharai Bohannon wrote, “This movie is a handful of gifs waiting to hit Tumblr held loosely together by a muddled script that never seems sure about what it wants to say.” Maybe that’s all you need?

For some audiences, it is all they need. They’ve taken to social media to share their thoughts on Miller’s Girl. Listen, it’s $6.99 to rent on Apple TV. They deserve to have a good time. Check out some choice reactions below:

What do you think? Have you caught Miller’s Girl on Apple TV or elsewhere? Was it gif-worthy? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins!



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