Intriguing Kickstarter Project Hozon Drawing Interest

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hozon s - Intriguing Kickstarter Project Hozon Drawing InterestLook, we’re never going to tell you how to spend your money. We’ll leave that job to your wife and mother-in-law. However, if we see a fundraising project we thing is really worthwhile, we’ll give you a look at it. Take a gander at Hozon!

Writer/director/producer Dallas King and producer Gerren Crochet so believe in the concept of Hozon that they created a Hozon Kickstarter campaign that has raised nearly $18,000 already. They’ve got tons of great rewards, including the chance to be featured as a zombie in the movie with just a $100 donation.

Check out the video below and give the Kickstarter page a look. See if you agree with us that Hozon is worth your consideration. For more visit the official Hozon website, “like” Hozon on Facebook and follow Hozon on Twitter (@HOZON movie)..

Hozon is Resident Evil meets The Last Samurai. After a botched DNA experiment, Hozon, CEO of a Japanese bio-medical company and an expert swordsman must lead his Board of Directors out of a contaminated lab and save his sick daughter’s life. Hozon has to battle a new breed of zombies who are brought back to

hozon - Intriguing Kickstarter Project Hozon Drawing Interest

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Written by Steve Barton

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