Do Battle With Cosmic Evil Space Goop in The Gunk

I love a good silly title. I have to say that The Gunk is one that brought me much joy. Just saying it puts a dumb smile on my face. However, nobody wants gunk clogging up their planet, so it seems like a good idea to remove it. Such is the plot of said game, which we got a trailer of during Microsoft’s Xbox Event.

Developed by Image and Form, who’s mostly known for their Steamworld series of games, The Gunk focuses on a woman who lands on an alien planet. While exploring she finds, well… the gunk. It’s a strange mass of oozy black goop, and she can vacuum it up into her arm. While the trailer mostly focuses on platforming, it does end with a monster emerging out of the gunk, which means we’ll either be fighting things or fleeing from them. Regardless, it all looks rather exciting.

The Gunk will be launching some time in 2021, for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.



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