Latest No Man’s Sky Update Lets You Explore Alien Infested Abandoned Ships

If there’s one thing we love about exploring space, it’s finding all sorts of weird and abandoned stuff. This is the basic gameplay loop of No Man’s Sky, where you explore planets and see what kind of stuff you come across. However, it seems now the game is taking a bit of a horror edge with the newest “Desolation” update adding in something a little more terrifying.

The basic idea behind No Man’s Sky is that you land on planets, mine them for resources, and use these resources to assist in your quest of getting to the center of the universe. That’s not too bad. Sometimes these planets can be deadly, either through environmental hazards or due to robots. You’ll have to do some fighting, but that’s ok. The game originally came out in 2016, but has been receiving free updates almost consistantly since then.

The latest update taps a bit more into horror than anywhere else. Desolation’s big new feature is the chance to find ruined and abandoned spacecrafts. Each space craft is procedural generated, but not just in its layout. The actual threat will change too. Sometimes it’s an alien infestation. Other times it’s just AI gone mad. Even the story of the ship is randomized, with the player able to find several logs that tell the tale of the ship’s downfall. It really gives some solid Dead Space or System Shock vibes, which is all the best vibes to be getting here.

No Man’s Sky is currently available on Steam right here, if you’re ready to explore these ships. You can also get the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.



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