Devolverland Expo is a Free “Marketing Simulator” That is Just a Tad Insane

I’m all for an absurd marketing ploy. Devolver Digital has the best absurd marketing ploys. Their E3 presentations are already a pretty fantastic example of exactly that. However it seems they’re once again raising the bar. Today Devolver has announced, and released, Devolverland Expo, a free first-person game that has you exploring a hypothetical Devolver showcase.

The premise is that, in some alternate that doesn’t quite exist, Devolver was going to run a special conference for their upcoming games. However, right before the conference, the whole thing gets canceled. As a normal Devolver super fan (which, lets be honest, we all are), you decide to break in and discover all the hidden secrets of the press expo that never was. There’s just one problem: it’s full of security robots that are going mad and want to kill you.

As far as marketing stunts go, it certainly makes Devolverland Expo a pretty awesome one. It helps that it’s a free game as well. You’ll get a T-shirt cannon and need to avoid robots, shooting at them with your cannon to stun them so you can make a quick getaway. Do so, and you’ll be rewarded with all sorts of secret Devolver goodies. Which mostly means you get to watch trailers for games that you can buy if you’re interested.

Now the only question is if this is better or worse than last year’s hilarious Devolver Bootleg idea.

Devolverland Expo is currently available for free on Steam right now.



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