‘The Mortuary Assistant’: Console Ports Incoming Later This Year

Midday Thursday, January 11th, DreadXP, Cerulean Games, and Brian Clarke, the developer of The Mortuary Assistant, announced that after a few hiccups, the console ports of the game are in production and coming this year.

I reach out out to Brian Clarke from Darkstone Digital for comment.

Brian Clarke: “We knew the original Nintendo Switch version of the game wasn’t everything it could be. As we looked for a new porting partner, we wanted to focus on not only building the ports for the remaining consoles that were still unfinished but creating a whole new build that would really improve the play experience for existing switch players, so Cerulean started the entire porting process from scratch to ensure the best product possible across all platforms”

Before releasing in 2022, The Mortuary Assistant garnered some very positive attention through its demo on Steam and in-person events like PAX. Before long, it was flying up the Steam charts and even received a Nintendo Switch port in April last year. 

Between the upcoming ports and The Mortuary Assitant film adaptation directed by Jeremiah Kipp, it seems like the train that Darkstone Digital began when developing the game is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Mortuary Assistant follows Rebecca while she works the night shifts at River Fields Mortuary. With the lead mortician, Raymond Delver, out “sick” Rebecca has to take the lead, and things very quickly start to take a turn to the supernatural.

Throughout The Mortuary Assistant, you will be faced with trying to discover not only what supernatural force is messing with Rebecca but also which cadaver it attached itself to. This is done by following the everyday works of the mortician and having the force get more aggressive, giving signs leading you to the correct being. 

With a console port on the way, now is the perfect time to brush up on your mortuary skills on Steam, or check out this trailer to give yourself an idea of what is in store when The Mortuary Assistant hits consoles later this year.

DreadXP, the publisher of The Mortuary Assistant, and Dread Central are owned by the same parent company, Epic Pictures.



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