DreadXP’s Terrifying Hit Game ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Mortuary Assistant 568x320 - DreadXP's Terrifying Hit Game 'The Mortuary Assistant' Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Our brother organization DreadXP had an unprecedented year in 2022, releasing a number of unmissable indie horror games for fans to devour. Today we have some good news, as two of those extraordinary titles are now more accessible than ever. Both The Mortuary Assistant and SPOOKWARE have hit the Nintendo Switch today.

Viral gaming sensation The Mortuary Assistant took the horror world by storm after its release in 2022 on PC, garnering an overnight cult following, a “very positive” review rating on Steam, a feature film adaptation announcement, and the honor of the*gameHERs Indie Game of the Year award for 2022. Now, Nintendo Switch owners can pursue their degree in mortuary sciences and begin an apprenticeship at the notoriously unnerving River Fields Mortuary. As the titular mortuary assistant Rebecca Owens, players will discover that the dead don’t stay dead at this mortuary… demonic forces are at play. 

The Mortuary Assistant features demonic banishments, creepy puzzles, realistic mortician tasks, and multiple endings. Each playthrough of the game is unique, featuring different demons, bodies, and scares. Rebecca must balance her mortuary tasks while hunting for clues as to what’s behind these paranormal occurrences. All past content updates for The Mortuary Assistant on PC are packed in for the Nintendo Switch release.

The Mortuary Assistant launches today on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch for $24.99, and is available for purchase here.

Also out today on Nintendo Switch is SPOOKWARE. This totally unique experience rattles players’ skulls with over 200 handcrafted, fast-paced horror-themed microgames starring a trio of skelebros (Lefti, Midi, and Righti) who are on a killer road trip. Each of these macabre microgames is carefully interwoven within the spine-tingling story that evokes classic adventure games. 

SPOOKWARE’s gruesomely varied gameplay tickles the bones and is a natural fit for play on the Nintendo Switch. Grab it now for $9.99. It’s available for purchase here.

image 14 960x313 - DreadXP's Terrifying Hit Game 'The Mortuary Assistant' Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Lastly, will you be picking up either The Mortuary Assistant or Spookware on Nintendo Switch? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCentral. We are always around to chat about all things DreadXP!



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