Stephen King Shares Update On “Shelved” ‘Salem’s Lot’ Remake: “It has the feel of Old Hollywood”

Stephen King in Sons of Anarchy  568x319 - Stephen King Shares Update On “Shelved” ‘Salem’s Lot’ Remake: “It has the feel of Old Hollywood”

Where in the world is Gary Daurman’s big-budget remake of Salem’s Lot, Stephen King’s 1970s masterclass in vampire horror? The troubled production has been finished for at least a year, seeing multiple release date shifts until being scrubbed from the Warner Brothers calendar indefinitely.

Well, today Stephen King took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the missing adaptation.

“The Warner Bros remake of SALEM’S LOT, currently shelved, is muscular and involving,” the author writers.

“It has the feel of “Old Hollywood,” when a film was given a chance to draw a breath before getting to business. When attention spans were longer, in other words.”

See all of King’s published feelings about the film right here:

Salem’s Lot was first published in 1975 and became Stephen King’s first #1 bestseller in The New York Times. The novel became an immediate classic and quickly spawned the 1979 TV miniseries adaptation from Tobe Hooper.

The creative team behind the new ‘Salem’s Lot is a who’s-who of the spooky mainstream. It is directed by Gary Dauberman, the writer behind It: Chapter Two and the Annabelle series. You’ve also got James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring) producing alongside Mark Wolper and Roy Lee. Lee has the honor of producing IT, which currently sits as the highest-grossing horror movie ever made. I guess $700 M opens a few doors these days.

The Dread Central podcast Development Hell recently discussed the delayed film adaptation of Salem’s Lot. Take a listen to it right here:

Lastly, how do you feel about this new version of ‘Salem’s Lot? Are you excited to see what Dauberman and friends are cooking up? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always down to talk all things, Stephen King



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