‘It Lives Inside’ Interview: Director of New Film Unpacks What Makes It So Scary [Video]

it lives inside feature 568x320 - 'It Lives Inside' Interview: Director of New Film Unpacks What Makes It So Scary [Video]

It Lives Inside is a new horror-thriller from first-time director and screenwriter Bishal Dutta about a demonic entity and an Indian American high schooler. It stars Megan Suri (Never Have I Ever), Neeru Bajwa (Snowman), Mohana Krishnan (I Am Frankie), and Betty Gabriel (Get Out).

I sit down with the film’s creator, Bishal Dutta, to unpack one of the year’s scariest and most interesting releases. Check out the video interview below.

The film is produced by Get Out’s Raymond Mansfield and Sean McKittrick. In the film, Sam is desperate to fit in at school, rejecting her Indian culture and family to be like everyone else. When a mythological demonic spirit latches onto her former best friend, she must come to terms with her heritage to defeat it. Sometimes, running from who you are is exactly where you need to be.

It Lives Inside won the “Midnighters Award” at SXSW Film Festival 2023 (Austin, TX). It had its European premiere at Neuchatel IFFF. The film went to SXSW, The Overlook FF (New Orleans, USA), Calgary Underground FF (Canada), and Bishal Dutta will be at Comic Con for a panel on horror. The film will screened at Fantasia (Montreal) and BlackStar (Philadelphia).

Watch the It Lives Inside interview here:

It Lives Inside is in theaters now and hits DVD on November 7th. Have you seen it yet? Let us know what you think on Twitter via @DreadCentral. We are always around to chat about all things folklore horror!



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