‘Amityville In Space’: The Murder House Now Goes Intergalactic [Trailer]

The Amityville house is about to reach a whole new level of terror. That’s right, cinema’s favorite abode of agony heads into the stratosphere for a brand new lo-fi absurdist adventure. Amityville In Space looks like one hell of an intergalactic wild ride, and we will absolutely be purchasing a ticket to this chaos upon its summer release.

This outrageous new trip into terror hails from Wild Eye Releasing, so pack your bags for a frightening out-of-this-world stay at Amityville. In the new film, the ultimate battle against the Amityville curse begins after the infamous murder house is exorcised from Earth and reappears in outer space.

Get ready, because this sci-fi romp is blasting off for release this July!

The movie hails from director Mark Polonia (SHARKULA), and stars Titus Himmelberger, Cassandra Hayes, Tim Hatch, Ryan Dalton and Jeff Kirkendall. Amityville In Space is a reminder that in space … good taste is a thing of the past. No complaints here.

Check out the wild trailer for Amityville in Space:

Lastly, how did you feel about the trailer for Amityville in Space? Will you be checking it out when it sees release later this summer? Make sure to let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat all things Amityville horror!



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