‘Beetlejuice 2’: Michael Keaton And Winona Ryder Reportedly Starring, Brad Pitt Producing

The ghost with the most could be coming back sooner than you’d expect. According to Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, the long awaited sequel to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice could be ready for a universe expansion. The reliable source has posted some interested items to his Substack, The Ankler about the long-delayed Beetlejuice 2.

According to Sneider, “Brad Pitt‘s company Plan B has come aboard to produce Beetlejuice 2, which could shoot this summer with original stars Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder reprising their roles.”

Don’t get too excited though, as the insider continued the update by writing “it hasn’t gone before WB’s greenlight committee just yet.”

While that’s the majority of the update, there is no word if creator Tim Burton will have any involvement in this project. However, it would be surprising if a film moved forward without the director’s stamp of approval.

Over the past thirty years there have a been numerous attempts to bring back Beetlejuice, from a 1996 tropical-themed outing to a more recent Seth Graeme-Smith iteration.

The Dread Central podcast Development Hell recently unpacked the rumours surrounding the ongoing project. To learn more about what’s been going on over the years, click the episode poster below.

Back in 1988 Tim Burton released the original Beetlejuice starring Alec Baldwin, Geena David, Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton.

Tim Burton is currently creating the Wednesday series for Netflix, a possible comeback for the director who has had trouble maintaining a critical success in recent years.

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