Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’: Everything We Know So Far

Take a deep dive into all that is known about 2022's 'Munsters' reboot!

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One of the most anticipated genre releases of 2022 is undoubtably Rob Zombie’s reboot of The Munsters. The film is currently in front of cameras in Hungary, however the shock-rocker turned director has been sharing tons of updates via Instagram since last summer. We have been witness to countless scoops straight from the directors phone since July, and we are not complaining.

While we have seen dozens of news updates about The Munsters, it can be pretty easy to get lost in the countless tidbits and rumours. Today we have assembled all of the best and official Rob Zombie updates on the film in one place. So if you need to catch up on all things Munsters, we’ve got you covered.

Casting The Munsters

Nearly every major role from the original sitcom has been recast in Rob Zombie’s latest. While we still have no word on who will be playing Eddie or Marylin Munster, just about everyone else is accounted for. Check out every cast member we know of right here:

Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster

Sheri Moon Zombie (The Devil’s Rejects) is playing matriarch Lily Munster. No surprise here, since Moon has been cast as a lead role in nearly every Zombie project to date. In her first reveal photo, Lily’s wig and costume were perfectly reminiscent of previous Lily Munster character designs, in line with all of the other Munster updates Rob Zombie has shared since pre-production began early last summer.

Jeff Daniel Philips as Herman Munster

Jeff Daniel Philips (The Lords of Salem) is also on full display in the same image as Herman Munster, whose clay-sculpted headpiece had been previously shared via Rob Zombie’s Instagram. Philips is another unsurprising casting choice, as he’s been in at least four previous Zombie joints since 2009’s Halloween II. The actor found his start as a caveman in those popular (and weird) GEIGO ads from the 2000s. 

Daniel Roebuck as Count aka Grandpa Munster

Another RZ favorite, Roebuck has appeared in at least five of the director’s projects, starting with the character of Morris Green in The Devil’s Rejects.

Richard Brake as Dr. Henry August Wolfgang

The veteran character actor is cast as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang in Rob Zombie’s forthcoming adaptation of The Munsters. Late last year, the performer took to Twitter to share his excitement about playing what Zombie describes as “Transylvania’s most popular Mad Scientist. In a Twitter status, Brake shared the following update: “I’ve hung out with Stormtroopers, killed Batman’s parents and popped into the Marvel Universe. But this! This is a childhood dream come true. The Munsters!!! So excited to be a part of it.”

Catherine Schell as Zoya Krupp.

Here is what Zombie said about the casting via Instagram. “I am sure you all remember Catherine as Maya from Space: 1999 or perhaps from Roy Ward Baker’s Moon Zero Two… or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the Dr. Who episode City of Death or her films with Peter Sellers The Return of the Pink Panther and The Prisoner of Zenda. Catherine retired from acting in the 90’s , but now she is back and we are so happy to have her join us on THE MUNSTERS!

Sylvester McCoy as Igor

Igor will be a Lurch-esque housekeeper in the updated Munsters universe, possibly based on Cousin Igor. The legendary character actor gets an informative shout out in Rob Zombie’s status:You may remember Sylvester as the 7th Doctor Who or perhaps as Radagast from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. GET READY FOR IGOR!”

An interview with Munsters star Daniel Roebuck

We sat down with Daniel Roebuck to discuss his new role as Grandpa Munster, his love of collecting horror memorabilia, and why he loves working with Zombie. From television series like Lost and films like The Fugitive and Final DestinationRoebuck has worked across medium and genre.

He’s also a frequent collaborator with Rob Zombie. Roebuck can be seen in The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween I & II, 31, and 3 From Hell. Now, with his role in Zombie’s upcoming reboot of The Munsters, his acting dreams are coming true.

Check out our conversation here:

Production for The Munsters

Almost every detail we’ve seen have been exact replicas of what was on screen in the original television series. Maybe most impressively is the new vision of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and it’s impressive as hell. It looks identical to the version built for the 1960s sitcom. 

Zombie has also given us a glance at everything from wigs and costume designs to the blueprints of the entire neighbourhood constructed just for the film.

As of November 2021, shooting for the project is seemed to be officially underway. A tease from the highly anticipated movie is tech-heavy, featuring cameras, monitors, logo-glad chairs, and general BTS madness seemed to confirm the commotion.

Another Instagram post showcases the character of Sam being fitted for his very own custom coffin. If you’re familiar with the original Munsters you’ll already know that Grandpa Munster is a vampire, along with his daughter Lily (being played by Sheri Moon Zombie in the reboot). 

Zombie also unveiled more cool production design, including something a little bit more… “shocking”. Feast your eyes upon the prop departments newest creation: a goddamn electric-chair! This thing looks cool as hell. I wonder if it works.

The Munsters - Rob Zombie's 'The Munsters': Everything We Know So Far

A notorious Munsters fan, Zombie has been chasing this film adaptation for 20-some-odd years, according to the first Instagram post he shared on the subject. The new Rob Zombie film is likely to hit the streaming service Peacock sometime next year. We’re still unsure if the project will be seen theatrically. Keep an eye on Dread Central for more updates as they come in.

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