‘Hatching’: Monstrous And Mysterious Sundance Title Debuts A Messed Up Trailer

Hatching Gustav Hoegen

Hatching makes its world debut at Sundance later this month, but today IFC Midnight is giving a glance of the evil yet to arrive. The new horror film promises a fascinating collage of prestige horror and slick arthouse style. This is definitely a title debuting at Sundance’s Midnight showcase that we’ve had our eyes on since the get-go.

In Hatching, 12-year-old gymnast, Tinja (Siiri Solalinna), is desperate to please her image-obsessed mother, whose popular blog ‘Lovely Everyday Life’ presents their family’s idyllic existence as manicured suburban perfection. One day, after finding a wounded bird in the woods, Tinja brings its strange egg home, nestles it in her bed, and nurtures it until it hatches. The creature that emerges becomes her closest friend and a living nightmare, plunging Tinja beneath the impeccable veneer into a twisted reality that her mother refuses to see.

This monstrously mysterious film is directed by Hanna Bergholm based on a script by Ilja Ratusi. Hatching stars Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Jani Volanen, Oiva Ollila, Reino Nordin.

While Sundance attendees will be able to view the Hatching as early as January 22nd, the rest of us will have to wait until its April 29th release date via IFC Midnight.

Check out the official Hatching trailer right here:

Lastly, what did you think of the trailer for Hatching? Does this strange arthouse horror moment look like your cup of tea? I personally can’t wait to hear more about this unique and grisly film when it debuts at Sundance later this month.

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