Quentin Tarantino Now Admits ‘The Thing’ Inspired Him To Write ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of horror. Sure, the dude hasn’t really produced all that much horror content over the years, but that doesn’t mean he’s not mega inspired by the greatest genre on earth.

Now the director has shared a surprising admission while speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. As the two men discuss their love of unique film adaptations, The Thing came up right away. Colbert expresses his love for the root material, the short story “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell.

It’s not long before Tarantino digs deep into the two first cinematic adaptations.

“I don’t get scared by movies, but The Thing, I got scared by,” Quentin Tarantino explains. “The movies makes the paranoia so powerful and real. They’re trapped. The fear and the paranoia is bouncing until it has nowhere to go but through the fourth wall and into the audience”.

The two men unpack what makes the films so scary before Quentin admits how the story helped him complete his first feature film.

Check out the full interview with Quentin Tarantino here:

“When I started writing Reservoir Dogs, I needed to have that aspect that’s in The Thing,” Quentin Tarantino shares. “I needed to trap these bastards in the warehouse, and no one can trust anyone else. I wanted the paranoia of what’s going on in that warehouse to bounce against the walls. And hopefully, like in The Thing, it will go out into the audience.”

Even passive fans of Quentin Tarantino will remember Death Proof, the director’s 2007 entry into exploitation horror. It’s one of the most polarizing entries on the auteurs resume, often listed as the filmmakers low point, even by the man himself. That said, its still excellent and deserves all of the love in the room.

Lastly, can you see The Thing‘s influence on Reservoir Dogs? Are you as big of a Tarantino fan as I am? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always avail to chat about The Thing or Tarantino.



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