He always takes one… but will he get to three? Unearth whatever happened to The Collected, the third film in the unfinished Collector trilogy! From Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Saw 4, 5, 6, & 7), The Collector series has become a serious fan favorite. 

So why did The Collected shut down after only eight days of filming? Find out!

Once again Josh is joined by special guest Jason Jenkins (aka Jinx). Jinx is the writer behind the Bloody Disgusting column Phantom Limbs where he too uncovers the truth behind horror movies that were never made. 

Synopsis for The Collector

Desperate for money to pay off a debt, a man targets a wealthy family’s home and plans to break in and steal a valuable gem. He soon learns that he picked the wrong night to carry out his plans, for a masked madman has gotten there first, imprisoned the family, and lined the mansion with deadly traps.

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Check out our episode about The Collected now!

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