WATCH: FRESH MEAT Shares Scary Crowdfunding Promo

Today I got word of a scary new crowdfunder to back up. Fresh Meat is a horror film by filmmaker Lu Asfaha and it sounds scary as hell. The campaign describes itself as follows:

Fresh Meat “joins the conversation by telling a horror story about a media agency that gets its best ideas by consuming their employees. In the literal sense.”

The new project hails from Defar Media, a genre-focused production company in Toronto producing stories about Black women. They work alongside QTBIPOC artists and allies to produce exciting and scary films.

Check out the official FRESH MEAT Crowdfunding Video

Project director Lu Asfaha speaks to the ideas in further detail via the project’s live campaign:

Recently, stories like that of Maria Taylor and Kayla Grey have shone a spotlight on how Black media employees are treated in the workplace and the anti-Blackness they experience. These stories spoke to me, to my experiences and the experience of so many others that I know and love. It inspired Fresh Meat and all of the iterations that came before it and created an opportunity to examine a media industry that always seems ready to boil creators down to their most digestible parts and throws away the bones

Asfaha continues the campaign by sharing more details about the film:

When I began working on “Fresh Meat” I was intrigued by the thematic possibilities of cannibalism, and what it could represent for me as a Black queer woman. I’m expected to make a particular kind of film for an imagined homogenous audience. But my communities are made up of unique, diverse people craving richer, more authentic stories. And honestly, aren’t we all sick of just getting coming out stories? During the mass media layoffs of 2019, the connective tissue between cannibalism, capitalism, and media became apparent, exposing an industry always ready to cannibalize itself. Important conversations about creating equity, especially in the media space, have been a constant thread over the last three years and this conversation and work will never stop being timely. Together, we can create an equitable world which wholly represents all of us. Fresh Meat boldly examines this relationship intimately while reconciling how it consumes us.

Fresh Meat was a winner of the BIPOCTV + Film and Vinay Virmani’s Reel Work initiative.

Support their campaign by visiting the official website now.

Lastly, are you going to support Fresh Meat? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always down to talk all things horror! Dread Central is now on Google News!



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