GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE Director Reveals Trailer’s Hidden Secrets

Ghostbusters afterlife

The new trailer for the forthcoming sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife had a lot going on. So much so, you may have missed some of the more cryptic teases and easter eggs scattered throughout. Luckily Jason Reitman is here to help you out.

The director of the incoming Ghostbusters film sat down with IGN to detail everything you may have missed. In his video interview, Reitman talks about the change of setting, and the many secrets jam-packed into the new promo. 

Check it out:

Some of the more interesting items addressed in the video with IGN include information on the new cast! Ghostbusters: Afterlife is introducing Phoebe (playing by Mckenna Grace) to the franchise. Is Phoebe being set up to take over? Time will tell.

Reitman also discusses the marked change of location for the film. While all three previous entries took place in Manhattan, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is taking a trip to the country. The director mentioned a need for a change “of color palette”, and we wonder what else is in store for this rural-set update on Ghostbusters. 

Lastly, Reitman also had some cool news for fans who may be concerned about the film’s dedication to authenticity and attention to detail. Well, fret not…

Here’s what Reitman had to say about it:

We studied all of the original props, and we measured them, we learned them. We tried to get them down to the screw, down to the rust. It was very important to me right from the beginning that we are really paying homage to the original film and trying to recreate it to the best of our ability using old techniques when necessary.’

For all the details, check out the video above. 

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will finally materialize in theaters on Nov. 11, 2021.

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