The PET SEMATARY Prequel Unearths Scary New Plot Details

While not everyone is a fan of the 2019 retread of Pet Sematary, its source material is still scary as hell. Now The Illumanerdi has scored some seriously spooky plot and character details for the prequel taking shape over at Paramount+.

The film will feature the character of young Jud Crandall. While Jud is a strong supporting character in the novel, this new film places him front and centre. We will learn more about what kept Jud in Ludlow his entire life, and the dark secrets buried deep in the woods nearby his childhood home…

The Pet Sematary prequel will also feature a character named Manny – the only First Nations individual in a town of presumably unfriendly, racist white people. This is an exciting new detail since the novel and previous films have clumsily handled their Aboriginal themes. Placing an actual Native American character in the fold could be a necessary step towards smoothing out some of the property’s more glaring cultural issues and misappropriations. 

Another detail Stephen King fans should note is the inclusion of the character Timmy Baterman. Timmy’s story is not included in the 2019 film, however, it’s a very important plot point in King’s novel. It’s also one of the more chilling parts of Pet Sematary

Interestingly enough, the story of Timmy Baterman was crafted into a short film to accompany the remake. The Tale of Timmy Baterman once again starred John Lithgow in the role of Jud as he recounts the terrifying story of Timmy’s terrible end.

Check it out:

Lindsey Beer will direct the Pet Sematary prequel, and Jackson White is playing the young version of Jud Crandall. Other cast members include Jack Mulhern, Forrest Goodluck, Natalie Alyn Lind, and Isabelle Star LaBlanc.

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