Exclusive Premiere: Listen to 2 New Tracks from the UNDERGODS Soundtrack

The dystopian horror movie Undergods (written and directed by Chino Moya) arrived in select US theaters and on VOD earlier this month.

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Tomorrow Invada Records and Lakeshore Records will digitally release Undergods‘ soundtrack featuring music by Wojciech Golczewski along with Francis Lai, Software, Thierry Durbet, and Gerardo Carreras. Today, Dread Central is thrilled to exclusively premiere two tracks: “Driving Home” and “Otherworld”! Give them a listen below the trailer and synopsis!

In a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world, K and Z roam the streets on the lookout for corpses and something even more valuable – fresh meat.

Following its world premiere at Fantasia last year, the film went on to celebrate its UK premiere at Glasgow Film Festival in February. Since then, Undergods has gone on to receive two British Independent Film Award (BIFA) nominations. 

A limited-edition Blu-ray and vinyl soundtrack are also planned for later in the year.

Undergods stars Kate Dickie (The Witch, Game of Thrones), Ned Dennehy (Mandy, Peaky Blinders), Geza Rohrig (Resistance, Son of Saul), Burn Gorman (Pacific Rim, Enola Holmes), and Tanya Reynolds (Emma., Sex Education).

Says Golczewski: “Working on the score for Undergods was an awesome experience. Chino had a great and pretty clear vision of how things should sound and look hence it was easy but also quite challenging to actually try and meet these expectations. The whole creative process took a few months, with a ton of music being written, a lot of ideas and variations. I absolutely loved the communication and the dialogue we had with Chino, he definitely did push me into areas I would not explore on my own but it was rather his ideas and mindset that actually made the score for what it is.

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 “I used just a few of older machines that fit the theme and sound that Chino wanted for the film so that 70’s feel of electronica with some ambiance and atmosphere– it’s something unique just as the film is special and unique like there’s nothing else similar out there.”

Born in 1980, Wojciech Golczewski is a polish film composer and electronic musician. Golczewski’s musical career started in the European demoscene, an art subculture where artists show off their programming and musical skills. Following a career in composing for video games including PlayStation 3 titles like Linger in the Shadows and Datura, the composer scored his first feature film with Eraser Children, an Australian sci-fi. His others include the Norwegian thriller Dark Souls, the Icelandic crime thriller City State, the werewolf film Late Phases, and the new cult classic We Are Still Here, which was nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award. Beyond The Gates (2017) saw Golczewski getting a 2nd consecutive nomination for the 2017 Fangoria Chainsaw Award – Best Horror Score.

Recent film works include 400 Days (2017), Mohawk (2017), and Hover (2018). Wojciech releases music with Mondo/Death Waltz Recording, Data Airlines, and Lakeshore Records. His personal work includes the acclaimed electronica/synth albums Reality Check, The Signal, End of Transmission, and most recently The Priests Of Hiroshima (2019).

Track List

  1. Kill Hans – Wojciech Golczewski
  2. 11th Floor – Wojciech Golczewski
  3. Test 8 – Wojciech Golczewski
  4. Undergods – Jeremy Warmsley
  5. Maria’s Gone – Wojciech Golczewski
  6. Prisoners – Wojciech Golczewski
  7. Driving Home – Wojciech Golczewski
  8. Opening – Wojciech Golczewski
  9. Otherworld – Wojciech Golczewski
  10. Sea of Serenity – Francis Lai
  11. Rainbow – Software
  12. The Fifth Season – Thierry Durbet
  13. Sam’s Meditation – Gerardo Carreras
  14. Hell’s Calling – Gerardo Carreras
  15. Far West Dreams – Gerardo Carreras

For more information, visit www.invada.co.uk and www.lakeshorerecords.com.

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