New “Dissecting Horror” with Costume Designers on May 25th

The next installment of the “Dissecting Horror” digital panel series will take place Tuesday, May 25th at 6pm PST with a focus on costume design.

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Panelists include Laura Montgomery (Spiral, What We Do in the Shadows), Avery Plewes (Ready or Not, The Craft: Legacy), Mary Claire Hannan (The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Urban Legend), and Whitney Anne Adams (Freaky, Happy Death Day 2 U). I’ll be moderating.

Dissecting Horror will stream on Dread Central’s Facebook and also Twitch Channel. The panel is also available on our official YouTube channel.

Dread Central and Jordan von Netzer of Projection PR launched “Dissecting Horror” on April 15th, 2020, with a panel focused on horror film scores. Since then, they have produced panels spotlighting stunt coordinators, composers, visual/special effects and the creatives behind Followed, Cruiser, 12 Hour Shift, Don’t Look Back, Hunter Hunter, Willy’s Wonderland, Wrong Turn, Dreamcatcher, Making Monsters, The Banishing, Initiation, The Djinn, and Parallel.



Dissecting Horror

Laura Montgomery is a film and television Costume Designer based in Toronto, Canada. Born of Japanese and Scottish heritage, she combines a passion for authentic storytelling with a lifelong love of fashion and textiles. Her design for award-winning films has made her work in demand amongst creative and cutting-edge projects.

Laura’s costume design credits include What We Do In The Shadows (Season 3), Spiral: From the Book of Saw, Small Town Murder Songs (TIFF Official Selection 2010), When Moses Woke (Gemini Award Winner for Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program), and Coopers’ Christmas (TIFF Official Selection 2008).

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Laura holds an honors degree in French Literature and Stage and Costume Design from the University of Toronto. In 2011, Laura was nominated for the Ontario Arts Council Virginia and Myrtle Cooper Award in Costume Design for her body of work.


Avery Plewes is a Toronto-born award-winning Costume Designer for film and television. 

At 18 Avery moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion where she interned with Betsey Johnson and took night classes in fashion construction techniques at Parsons School of Design.

Avery completed her first feature film as Costume Designer, J​ean of the Joneses​ by Stella Meghie in 2015, which premiered at SXSW. It was also screened at the Nantucket Film Festival, TIFF, and the Zurich Film Festival.

Following the success of J​ean of the Joneses, ​Avery continued her ongoing creative collaboration with director Stella Meghie on her sophomore film E​verything, Everything (MGM, Warner Bros), a​ film adaptation of the New York Times best-selling novel by Nicola Yoon of the same title. E​verything, Everything​ stars Amandla Stenberg, and Nick Robinson which released in May of 2017.

In 2017 Avery designed the biopic ​JT LeRoy​ starring Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, and Diane Kruger. The film closed the Toronto International Film Festival and Avery’s work gained attention in the Hollywood Reporter as a costume movie to watch at the festival.

In 2019 Avery’s work on the blockbuster hit Ready or Not was released. In March of 2020, Avery won her first award, the Caftcad Award for Excellence in Contemporary Costume Design, for her work in ​Ready or Not.​

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In October of 2020, Avery’s work was seen in the Blumhouse film The Craft: Legacy, which was a reboot of The Craft. For this project, Avery won the Caftcad Award for Excellence in Contemporary Costume Design.

Most recently, Avery was the costume designer on the Netflix series S​ex/Life​, starring Sarah Shahi, produced by​ Academy Award​ winner Miles Dale, and P​eabody​ winning Showrunner Stacy Ruckeyser. The show is set to premiere on June 25th, 2021.

In addition to her film and television, work Avery has designed award-winning music videos, internationally renowned short films, and several commercials for brands such as General Mills, Clorox, and Microsoft.


Dissecting Horror

Originally from San Francisco, Mary Claire Hannan was educated at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design (FIDM) and at the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris. Hannan started her film career as the Costume Supervisor on Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. She quickly moved up the ranks, working with Tarantino on three more films, including designing the iconic costumes for the award-winning crime thriller Jackie Brown.

Hannan has since been the Costume Designer on a wide variety of features, including Academy Award© Best Picture nominee The Kids Are All Right, Wes Craven’s Red Eye, and Sean Penn’s biographic drama Into the Wild, for which she was nominated for a Costume Designer Guild Award for her work.

She has collaborated with acclaimed director David Ayer on two features: Sabotage and the groundbreaking End of Watch. Hannan’s other noteworthy credits include the crime drama series The Unit, created by David Mamet, and the enormously successful teen drama The Fault in Our Stars, directed by Josh Boone. Hannan’s most recent project was The Babysitter: Killer Queen with renowned director McG.


Whitney Anne Adams is a New York City-based costume designer and stylist who has worked on internationally-acclaimed films that have been featured at the Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and Toronto International Film Festivals. Her theatrical design credits include Freaky, Happy Death Day 2U, Piercing, The Eyes of My Mother, and Killerman.

Whitney’s love for horror started in grade school when she read as many teenage slasher novels as she could get her hands on and refused to take off her “Ghostface” Halloween costume even though it was scaring the other kids. Her upcoming projects include the highly-anticipated thriller Paranormal Activity 7 and coming-of-age film Three Months. In addition, Whitney is the stylist to actor Brian Tyree Henry.

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Are you also excited to check out “Dissecting Horror” with Laura Montgomery, Avery Plewes, Mary Claire Hannan, and Whitney Anne Adams on May 25th? Let us know in the comments below or also on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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