Slashers Invade Vintage Disney Cartoons in New Art Series (13 Pics)

Got to love artist, Frank’s Kid. He’s back. This time it’s with a killer new series of pieces featuring classic horror movie villains and slashers invading vintage Disney Mickey Mouse cartoons. It’s much more fun than it might sound. Trust us and go ahead and take a gander below.

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01. Fishing for Jason

02. Freddy’s vs Mickey

03. Hanging Out with Michael Myers

04. The Saw Is Family

05. Freddy vs Minnie

06. Hostage of Chucky

07. Mickey Wept

08. Groovy

09. Turning Heads

10. Bad News About that Pet Sematary…

11. Told Ya

12. Told Ya Again

13. House of 1000 Mouse

Which one is your favorite? Truthfully it’s kind of not cool of me to ask, considering I can’t seem to pick a favorite either. They are all too badass. I want the whole collection on my office wall ASAP. Who cares if slashers – and old school Mickey Mouse – freaks out the little lady. This is art we’re talking about here, am I right? Well, maybe it is a bit too freaky for the kiddos… Nah, they’ll love them.

About Frank’s Kid:
Hello boils and ghouls, my name is Mike Chiechi. I am an animator/artist currently based in the New York City area. I grew up in New Jersey and studied animation in the hometown of Rocky Balboa; Philadelphia, PA. As a youngster, I loved monster movies, drawing, and cartoons. Not only did I manage to not outgrow any of these things, but I have been able to make a living doing this stuff well into adulthood! Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say hi. Oh, also if you ever need any help with Frankenstein or Superman trivia, I’m totally your guy.

Follow Franks Kid on InstagramFacebook,, and at

Ah, Hell. Here’s two more.

What do you think of this killer new series of slashers invading vintage Mickey cartoons?

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