DINOSAURS to Traumatize a Whole New Generation on Disney+ Next Month

TGIF’s Dinosaurs is finally coming to Disney+ on January 29th. Executive producer Brian Henson recently revealed the update while speaking about the series’ legacy.

Henson tells Collider: “I think the audience will more easily find it on Disney+, which is terrific. It sits very well on Disney+. When they were divvying up what goes where they eventually decided Dinosaurs should be over on Disney+. I think it’ll find a bigger and new audience base on Disney+.”

Bring it on!

Dinosaurs live like humans in this 1990s sitcom set in 60,000,003 B.C. in Pangaea. Blue-collar dinosaur Earl Sinclair tries to cope with a short-tempered boss so he can put food on the table for his family. They include his sweet-natured and long-suffering wife Fran, rebellious teenage son Robbie, shop-til-she-drops daughter Charlene, and precocious Baby. Not to mention his crusty mother-in-law, Ethyl.

The series sports a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season’s Critics Consensus reads: Dinosaurs marries astonishingly expressive puppetry with genuinely funny satire of social norms, making for a forward-thinking prehistoric sitcom.

Conceived by Jim Henson (The Dark Crystal), the groundbreaking show premiered on ABC back on April 26, 1991. Henson died less than a year before it aired.

It notoriously ended in October 1994. Reruns were shown on Disney Channel. The show was produced by Michael Jacobs Productions and Jim Henson Television in association with Walt Disney Television and distributed by Buena Vista International, Inc. Henson team member Kirk Thatcher designed the characters.

Dinosaurs will be on Disney+ on January 29th.

Are you excited to check out Dinosaurs on Disney+?

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