We’re Now Bringing Back DREAD: THE UNSOLVED!

DREAD The Unsolved

Howdy howdy howdy! Dread: The Unsolved has risen from the stygian darkness of the grave! I’ll be your resident spooky specialist moving forward. My name is Jans Holstrom. I hail from the faraway land of Oklahoma, where the wind sweeps down the plains and such. I grew up here, in a small town, with a small abandoned hospital, a small abandoned orphanage, and my big love of the unknown. My mother was in college for criminal psychology when I was growing up, so CourtTV and Unsolved Mysteries were mainstays in my house. When I hear Robert Stack’s voice, I still get chills.

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Dread Central reached out because people love mysteries, and I made a bit of a name for myself writing about mysteries as I did for a recent article on Dread Central’s sister site, DreadXP. (Check it out in the link below).


We want to know what happened, who it happened to, and why it happened. In general, people thirst for knowledge. We like puzzles. Putting together seemingly unrelated pieces to form a cohesive whole. The urge to find out how bad things happen to good people. In high school, freshly liberated by a plastic card that said I could drive a ton of metal at highway speeds, I decided to solve mysteries. High school friends joined me, along with a well-worn printout of strange locations in Oklahoma from Geocities.

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They, like me, were obsessed with the unknown. We shared a common bond over classic horror movies, which then extended into trying to find horror for ourselves. As time went on they’ve moved away from our little town, trying to solve the mystery of growing up. It’s sad to say we never really found anything paranormal or mysterious. Usually a 2-3 hour drive culminated in some abandoned church.

Instead of finding ghouls and ghosts, we generally found unsafe floors (and even fell through a couple of them). A desire to solve mysteries never left me though, and now, many years later, I’m still hunting them down. The difference is I want you to come with me. Yes, YOU. No man is an island, and I want the community to back me in this venture. Dread: The Unsolved will be covering your mysteries. I want to know what makes your area strange as you learn about me, and why I’m strange.

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So we’re going to solve some mysteries. In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing my first slate of features. I’ll be rising from the depths EVERY. SINGLE. THURSDAY. To bring you new puzzles to solve, and new questions to keep you up at night. I’m going to try and figure out some of history’s most enduring mysteries: Is Elvis actually dead? Who was the Axeman of New Orleans? Who was the most prolific serial killer in American history? All the while, I’m going to be taking input from you, the readers. So if you’re down for this whole thing; strap in, because we’re going to get weird.

*If you have a mystery you’d like Jans to investigate, email us at info@dreadcentral.com with DREAD: THE UNSOLVED in the subject line!

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