DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Special Edition – The Story Behind the Michigan “Ghost Attack”

A bizarre and unsettling news headline that surfaced late last month has recently gone viral, drawing all eyes to Highland, MI residents Heather Brough, Joshua Higgins, and their one-year-old daughter Lily – the latter the alleged victim of a disturbing attack by an unidentified entity.

Online news outlets focused mainly on two pieces of visual evidence: a photo of strange purple marks on Lily’s face – resembling those left by a human hand or fingernails – and a chilling excerpt of nanny-cam footage reportedly captured in the baby’s room, just before the couple discovered the aforementioned marks, in which a semi-transparent human figure can clearly be seen walking from right to left behind the child’s crib.

The footage alone is creepy enough, but there are even more disturbing aspects to this story: During an interview with Detroit’s WXYZ News, Heather describes multiple alleged encounters with an unseen presence, including the sensation of hands tightening around her throat.

But there’s even more: apparently Heather & Joshua’s house, as well as the larger house on the same plot of land, have a dark and macabre history – which, if true, adds a whole new twist to the tale.

Check out our mini-episode above, and email us at theunsolved@dreadcentral.com if you have any (legitimate) clues or evidence to support or debunk the couple’s chilling testimony… or if you have any theories of your own you’d like to share, let us know in the comments!

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