EIBON PRESS Now Throwing Huge 50% Off Sale Beginning Friday

Eibon Press has become a front-running indie publisher, specializing in “super limited edition single-issue comic books” that are totally unique. And this Friday (April 16th, 2021) at 7 PM (PST), Eibon is kicking off a massive sale!

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They only produce physical media (no digital), with much of their output dedicated to high-end cult movie tie-ins based on classic horror and science fiction films like Lucio Fulci’s ZombieWilliam Lustig’s Maniacand Charles Band’s Laserblast

They also offer cutting-edge original titles like Wasteland 1989 and Bottomfeeder, which are also highly “cinematic” in nature, inspired by retro nostalgia and gory horror of several bygone eras. Read their official press release below.

Hey, kids! Shawn here, with a big deal announcement.  As a big THANK YOU to everyone who’ve been hanging in there with us and supporting indie comics during this shitty time, we’re launching one last 50 PERCENT OFF SALE for this year. Yep, for just FOUR DAYS, everything will be half price one last time. Plus, there are no pre-orders so everything will ship FAST. We like reminding everyone that usually things run pretty speedy and smoothly around here, so we’re pushing back WASTELAND 3 by a few weeks and giving away everything in the store for practically nothing.

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All you guys with incomplete collections, now’s the time! And frankly, we could use a few new customers also, so tell your friends and tell your enemies; We’re the best there is and we give back when we can. Be there THIS FRIDAY AT 7PM Pacific when the sale starts and get in first; some of our more desirable titles like MANIAC: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL are down to less than 50 copies and Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK Box is down to just 4 COPIES! Things will go really fast so be there early. 

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