Eibon Press News: The MANIAC Collection Is Coming!

Our friend Stephen Romano from Eibon Press has some exciting news for fans of horror comics. Get the full scoop on the upcoming Maniac collection below.

“Hi, kids! Stephen Romano from Eibon Press here with an announcement we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love. Yep, it’s the collection book many of you have been screaming for, and we’re doing it up right. That’s Maniac, kids! And it’s a beautiful new trade paperback that collects the entire original movie adaptation, along with Maniac vs. The New York Ripper. Hot, damn, right?

“This collection is something we decided to do this year, in response to overwhelming continuous demand, and to allow new readers to experience the series, now that the original run is basically sold out.  We have a sequel series starting up soon, too, and we want everyone to be able to read the original, so they can see where it all started!”

Check out these specs:

– It’s a 136 full color book which collects the entire first series, and we even have some bonus pages and a new supplement section.  The whole thing has been jazzed up with new colors, new lettering and new edits.

-The EIBON SLEEVE, as you can see, is beyond amazing, with an all new and totally-twisted cover painting by Pat Carbajal that captures Joe Spibell as Frank Zito like you’ve never seen him before.  This is some of Pat’s best work and we’re sure as hell excited to bring it to you.

-The sleeve is also a wraparound, and the back will feature an equally amazing portrait, which will be revealed soon.

-This is a super limited print run of only 500 copies.

-First 300 copies signed and numbered by myself with a FREE enamel pin, with all new art by Pat Carbajal.

We also have a fun PSYCHO FAN package for this one, which will be announced soon.

And as a final bloody cherry on top, we got our pal Eli Roth to pen a fun little intro we know you’ll like.  Eli is a true fan of the film and our comics and we asked him to join us in the spirit of the horror community. This a project created BY fans, for FANS, and it’s officially licensed, approved and endorsed by film director William Lustig.

“So to those of you who missed out the first time, here’s your chance to get Maniac in one big sloppy gory bite.  And don’t forget that Maniac 2: Roadkill will be coming this fall, just in time for Halloween.  We’re working on the first issue now, and let me tell you, kids, if you thought the first series was rough… you ain’t seen nothing yet.  It’s a four-issue series that plays like Maniac meets The Hitcher meets Road Games meets Natural Born Killers. It’s certified bonkers and you won’t wanna miss it. I’ve had great fun writing this and Pat is cackling with glee over every blood-soaked page.”

You can pre-order your Maniac graphic novel starting September 4th.

Are you a fan of Eibon Press? Are you excited to dive into Maniac? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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