HAUS OF HORROR Episode 4: Vanessa Decker Visits Monster-A-Go-Go/Kreepsville666 & Meets Elvira!

In the first episode of Haus of Horror (released Friday, February 21st) Vanessa Decker met with the incredible Boulet Brothers at the spookiest location of them all: The Mystic Museum! Next, she sat down with Special FX guru Jerry Constantine and, in Episode 3, “The Horror Vixen” spent the day with designer Shy Snider. Today, we’re thrilled to share a brand new episode for Haus of Horror embedded at the top of the article! Check out what happens when Vanessa Decker visits Monster-A-Go-Go/Kreepsville666 and meets the incomparable, iconic Elvira!


Vanessa got a sneak peek into Monster-A-Go-Go/Kreepsville666, which is an incredible horror-inspired clothing brand with a brand new location in LA! The Haus of Horror host got to meet with the creators Michelle and Ash Ghoulmore and got to try on a few designs before its grand opening where we were in for an even bigger treat! A very special round of “Would You Rather” with none other than Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira herself!

A crowd of horror fans were lined up around the block outside of the new storefront for Monster-A-Go-Go patiently waiting in line to check out all the goodies inside! Lucky for them the incredible mural by Jonas Never (@never1959), was right out front for people to take photos as they waited for the very special ribbon cutter. The excitement was all around and we are so stoked for you to get a glimpse into such a special event!

IMG 8627 1024x1365 - HAUS OF HORROR Episode 4: Vanessa Decker Visits Monster-A-Go-Go/Kreepsville666 & Meets Elvira!

Make sure to visit the store located at 1026 S Atlantic Blvd, East Los Angeles, CA 90022 or online at https://store.kreepsville666.com/. And let us know what your favorite items featured on the episode were!

What a better way to end our first season than with the queen of all things horror?! Congrats to Monster-A-Go-Go/Kreepsville 666 on their amazing grand opening and thank you Elvira for breathing in our direction!

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What do you think about the latest episode of Haus of Horror? Are you a fan of Vanessa Decker, Monster-A-Go-Go/Kreepsville666 and/or Elvira? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.

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