Event Recap: Dread Central/HAUS OF HORROR Launch Party + Q&A

As women continue to redefine their role in the horror genre, whether in front of or behind the camera, they’re proving through the mastery of their craft that they’re not afraid to take horror by the cojones.

Nowadays, you can find more females taking on lead roles as devilish villainesses or final girls. However, being a leading lady isn’t their only mark on the industry. Many genre favorites are helmed by women, some of which include: Pet Sematary, Near Dark, Ravenous, The Babadook and the highly anticipated, Candyman. (We’re looking at you, Nia DaCosta.) 

Dread Central and Epic Pictures celebrated Women in Horror Month with a Haus of Horror launch party and Q&A at the Black Sheep Gallery on Saturday night. Ghosts and ghouls gathered to immerse themselves in everything horror: from their fashion and drink selection to the atmosphere and conversation.


The night kicked off with the first episode of our new web series hosted by the horror vixen herself, Vanessa Decker, featuring the Boulet Brothers. They spoke about horror influences, favorite films, makeovers and whether they’d rather have a pumpkin for a head or knives for hands. (To watch the full episode, click here!)

Afterwards, Decker introduced a group of barrier-breaking women who have impacted the horror genre on and off screen.

She was joined by terrifyingly talented guests: Chelsea Stardust (Director – Satanic Panic, All That We Destroy), Eryn Krueger MeKash (Emmy winning Special FX Artist for American Horror Story), Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), and Lin Shaye (Actress – Insidious / Produce

They told the tales of how they got started in their profession and their current plans with details of their creative processes, struggles and accomplishments along the way. Each of their contributions: acting, directing, producing and creating have helped pump blood into the stories they’ve brought to life.

Shaye spoke for all of us when Decker asked, “What is it about the genre that always draws you back?”

“The jobs,” the godmother of horror joked. “I think fear is fascinating…I’m always looking for a good story, a good character, a good genre.”

After a game of ‘Would You Rather?’ and a few questions from the audience, the panel came to a close. Decker thanked the panelists and audience for coming out.

“I wanted everybody to feel really connected and supported in this community, and I feel like we did just that tonight,” she said.

When selecting panelist guests, Decker and Epic Pictures brainstormed inspiring and empowering women in the business. Based on the experiences the group shared, it’s evident they made some damn good choices.

“Hearing those experiences is really inspiring, if it’s men or women – it’s great to get that insight. It’s not something you come across all the time,” said Epic’s director of U.S. distribution and Haus of Horror producer, Yulissa Morales.

The concept for Haus of Horror spawned months ago after Decker met CEO of Epic Pictures, Patrick Ewald. The two collaborated on a few killer ideas, and over time, the end result became crystal clear.

HausofHorror Event Image - Event Recap: Dread Central/HAUS OF HORROR Launch Party + Q&A

“What I basically wanted to achieve from Haus of Horror was (to) bring in the community. The horror community is fantastic, and I wanted them to have a small glimpse of the lives of some really rad guests,” Decker told Dread Central. “It could be clothing lines, it could be actresses, directors, studio effects artists ⁠— absolutely anything horror related. And just again, what inspires them, what makes them tick, the who, what and where. So I wanted to take everybody with me on that journey just to give them a small glimpse into what that was.”

Want to keep up with the Haus of Horror episodes? 

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