Nightmares Unlimited Creates Elaborate ELM STREET/EVIL DEAD Mash-Up: “The Necroglove”!

Necroglove 1 750x422 - Nightmares Unlimited Creates Elaborate ELM STREET/EVIL DEAD Mash-Up: "The Necroglove"!

Aficionados of horror memorabilia and high-quality, screen-accurate replicas have known about Mark Phillips and Nightmares Unlimited for years now. From chrome Phantasm spheres to Freddy Krueger gloves and Re-Animator syringes, Phillips has created some stunning works and imaginative mash-ups which we’ve featured here in the past.

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Phillips most recent project is an impressive and elaborate combination of two classic horror properties: A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Evil Dead. Feast your eyes on “The Necroglove” below!

“The concept came from a friend/client of mine who is a huge fan of the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic series” Phillips explains. “He wanted to know what it would look like if the Necronomicon took over Freddy’s glove.

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“The face on the back is a brass relief of the Necronomicon” the artist continues. “It was raised up using tooling on the back. Each finger sports two blades. One blade being possessed with black veining and the other cover with blood-stained incantations from the book of the dead. The entire leather has been wrapped in incantations as well. Burned into it and then dyed with a 5 stage process. The leather alone took 13 hours. The copper fingers feature veining cut into it. And the eyes and fingers are all backlit with red neon. It is fully articulated and wearable as well.

“After months and months of working on this, tweaking it, going back and forth with my client to make sure we got this right, we present ‘The Necroglove’! Without a doubt, this Evil Dead/Nightmare on Elm Street mashup has been my most challenging project to date.”

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