It’s Terror Time, Boooooy! Nightmares Unlimited Releasing Limited Edition PHANTASM Clock

Aficionados of horror memorabilia and high-quality, screen-accurate replicas have known about Mark Phillips and Nightmares Unlimited for years now. From chrome Phantasm spheres to Freddy Krueger gloves and Re-Animator syringes, Phillips has created some stunning works and imaginative mash-ups which we’ve featured here in the past.

His latest offering is both entertaining and practical: A Phantasm clock with a sphere at the center; the big hand and little hand have been replaced with chrome prongs! Check out the goods below.

Originally created as a one-off for his personal workshop, the tremendous response to the Phantasm clock has inspired Phillips to produce a limited run, as long as he can get at least 10 pre-orders. If this looks like something you’d like to adorn your walls at home, contact Phillips at Nightmares Unlimited’s Facebook Page, HERE.

The Phantasm clocks will set you back $75 plus shipping; look for them to begin shipping in June.

You can check out more of Nightmares Unlimited’s items at Phillip’s Etsy Shop, HERE.

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