Exclusive, Incredibly Detailed 16-Minute Clip from ROBODOC: THE CREATION OF ROBOCOP

Dread Central is honored and thrilled to share this exclusive preview of the upcoming documentary on Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 ultra-violent satirical classic, RoboCop! Check out “The Death of Murphy” embedded at the top of the article!

Robodoc: The Creation of Robocop has been in production for three years, which might leave people feeling somewhat confused as to why such an endeavor has taken so long. But this exclusive clip might explain why it became a lengthy, mammoth undertaking.

“This project has been something of an emotional rollercoaster for all of us involved,” co-writer and director, Christopher Griffiths explains. “We originally set out to honor one of our all-time favorite movies with a series of interviews and any cool cutaway materials we could find which would ultimately lead to a feature length documentary. That morphed into approximately 100 interviews across all three movies and the Canadian television series and some serious trawling through archives to find the most unique and incredible materials that even I had never seen before. A lot of effort is going into this project and holding down full-time jobs along with life commitments means it has taken a considerable amount of time to piece together”

Marking the 32nd anniversary of the original film’s release, the filmmakers have released this 16-minute clip detailing one of the film’s most integral and extremely graphic sequences: The death of the titular character before becoming the iron-clad hero!

In this incredibly detailed clip, the documentary walks you through the scene second-by-second covering all aspects; from the gross-out special FX of Rob Bottin to the iconic one-liners of the menacing antagonists, utilizing a vast array of materials ranging from never-before-seen rushes, storyboards, and studio notes.

“We decided to tackle it in a different way from what you’d typically expect from a movie-making retrospective” editor and director, Eastwood Allen tells us. “We had accumulated over 40 hours of interview material just for the first movie alone. It was only after going over the footage that we realized we had the material to cover every single scene from RoboCop. I mean specific details dissecting every scene.”

“We love the existing RoboCop pieces out there but we’re now in a fortunate position to take fans on a tour through the entire first film, including the film’s origins, assembling the cast, crew, special effects, design, set-stories, and legacy. If you take the Murphy Death Scene clip here, for example, that’s just one of 40+ scenes. We currently have a 4-hour cut for Robo 1 alone.”

Not only will RoboDoc chronicle the making of the original film but also two feature-length documentaries on the 1990 and 1993 sequels, along with special features on the 1994 series, comic books, and the Ocean software series of tie-in games.

“The blood, sweat, and love that Chris and Eastwood have put into this project is overwhelming and I know that once fans see the finished project they will agree that the long wait was well worth it,” producer Gary Smart promises.

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There is no release date at this time,” Allen explains. “We’re (still) deep into editing all of the separate documentary parts (RoboCop, RoboCop 2, RoboCop 3, etc.) We’re trying to incorporate newly found materials whilst continuing to work on the visual effects, compositing and motion graphics.”

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