JASON LIVES Writer/Director Tom McLoughlin Has Written Another FRIDAY THE 13TH Screenplay!

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives is a standout and a fan favorite for a few reasons. It brought Jason Voorhees back to life after his position was nearly usurped by an imposter in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, ushering in the “zombie” phase of the seminal slasher’s existence. It also brought Tommy Jarvis back into the mix with the character attempting to cure the PTSD Jason inflicted on him as a child.

Mostly, though, Jason Lives is a fucking good time. People may groan about the paintball scene, but the film has excellent pacing, grisly action, and enough genuine dread to keep us up at night. Interestingly, it’s also the only chapter in the Friday franchise that takes place while Camp Crystal Lake is actually in session, putting innocent children in the line of fire (or machete)!

And we can thank writer/director Tom McLoughlin for everything glorious about Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. The horror icon recently sat down with The Pod and the Pendulum hosts Jerry Smith and Mike Snoonian to talk about the film–and so much more.

For the uninitiated:

The Pod and the Pendulum is a weekly show focusing on horror franchises, with each sequel receiving its own episode. Hosted by Mike Snoonian (Telluride Horror Show) and Jerry Smith (Scream Magazine, Ghastly Grinning), the podcast features guests from the horror community and even the filmmakers behind each film.

Snoonian explains: “This past week The Pod and The Pendulum got the chance to talk to Tom McLoughlin, director of the fan favorite Jason Lives. Among the talk about injecting humor in the franchise for the first time, his love of classic monsters, and whether a hot dog is a sandwich, Tom revealed on the show that he not only has an idea of what he would do if he stepped behind the camera for another Friday entry, but that he also has a script ready to go. So we want to know-If the powers that be can figure out how to divvy up the money, how stoked would you be to see another movie from Tom?”

Personally, I’d be stoked to the extreme!

As in addition to jawing it up with McLoughlin, here’s what else awaits listeners on Episode 10 of The Pod and the Pendulum:

“Jerry and Mike take their typical deep dive into the movie itself with special guest AAJ Bowen (I Trapped the Devil, The Sacrament, You’re Next). AJ is on record saying Jason Lives is not only his favorite Friday the 13th movie, not only his favorite slasher movie, hell not only his favorite horror movie, but his favorite movie of ALL TIME. While your hosts experienced some technical difficulties in the way of reverb, they were happy to let AJ wax rhapsodic about his love for this entry, being a horror dad, and the travails of indie moviemaking.”

Check out Episode 10 of The Pod and the Pendulum on their official website, HERE. Jump to the 24:15 mark to hear McLoughlin talk about where he would steer the Friday franchise next, if offered the opportunity. Hell, maybe Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham will be inspired to settle their rights lawsuit in order to bring the project to fruition–but that another conversation entirely!

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