Horror Inc. Wins Appeal; FRIDAY THE 13TH Lawsuit Going Back to Court

Jason Goes to Hell 750x422 - Horror Inc. Wins Appeal; FRIDAY THE 13TH Lawsuit Going Back to Court

Tommy Jarvis couldn’t kill him; Freddy Krueger couldn’t kill him; even the legions of Hell couldn’t keep Jason contained. The ongoing lawsuit between original Friday the 13th scribe Victor and director Sean Cunningham, however, could keep Mrs. Voorhees baby boy buried indefinitely.

Miller won a lawsuit last October that granted him the rights to Friday the 13th, but Cunningham and Horror Inc. (the company that owns Jason Voorhees) filed an appeal. Late last week, word came down that Cunningham’s appeal has been approved, meaning any immediate plans Miller had for a reboot will have to be put on ice.

How much longer will Friday the 13th and Jason remain embroiled in this legal quagmire? It could be years. In the video embedded at the top of the article, the folks at Slash N’ Cast discuss this latest chapter in the ongoing saga and all of its potential implications.

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