Exclusive: SOUL TO KEEP Gets US Release Date + Two Clips

Last October, we brought you the exclusive trailer for the supernatural horror film Soul to Keep. Today, we’re thrilled to exclusively tell you that the film will be getting a US release on all digital rental and download platforms, on DVD and BluRay, and On-Demand everywhere on April 2! You can already pre-order the film on iTunes.

The film drew a lot of positive attention during its festival run not only for lead actress Sandra Mae Frank, who is deaf, but also for including her condition into the film itself. As the lead, the rest of the cast learned and utilized sign language to communicate both on-screen and behind the camera.

“The Deaf Community has opened their expressive arms wide to receive this film. We have witnessed standing ovations, lines to talk with us filmmakers after events just to shake our hands,” says director David Allensworth.

“The Deaf Community deserves a fair shake at inclusion in projects that aren’t about Deaf Persons. They are very much an important and engaged community that is just like any other group of people. No pun intended, this message was loud and clear to all our audiences and we are passionate about now making the film available to the masses,” he adds.

Beelzebub, an ancient demon hell-bent on consuming and possessing souls, preys on Millennials at a rundown country house. With an agenda that spans thousands of years to bring Hell to Earth, this Prince of Darkness has finally arrived.

Directed by Moniere and David Allensworth, the latter of whom co-wrote with Eric Bram, Soul to Keep stars Sandra Mae Frank, Aurora Heimbach, Kate Rose Reynolds, and Tony Spitz.



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