Exclusive: SOUL TO KEEP Trailer is One Demonic Ride

This coming Saturday, Shriekfest will be home to the world premiere of the demonic horror film Soul to Keep, which follows a group of friends at a farmhouse who play with summoning a demon only to learn that their game has deadly consequences. One of the most interesting things about this movie is the inclusion of a deaf character, which causes the other characters to not only say their lines but sign them as well, which opens the door to some really interesting cinematic opportunities.

Co-director David Allensworth spoke about this narrative choice, stating, “The deaf element in this film came to me originally as something of a scare tactic, and it blossomed into an important statement about bringing communities together. Our co-writer Eric Bram’s wife is partially deaf, as well as one of our producers, Matt Meyer, who has partial hearing loss. So the idea of a deaf person in the film was naturally already around me.”

He makes note that it’s not just the character who is deaf but the actress as well, something they felt was extremely important to nailing the character and the story. “Around the time we started auditions, I reached out to colleagues about needing a strong deaf actress. One connect led to another, which led to a bevy of strong actresses in Broadway’s “Spring Awakening.” We auditioned several great actresses – virtually all deaf. Once Sandra Mae Frank auditioned, it was obvious she was the one,” he continues.

To celebrate the premiere, we have an exclusive look at the first trailer (above) as well as several stills from the film (below).

Beelzebub, a demon hellbent on consuming and possessing souls, goes after siblings and their lifelong friends at a rundown country house.

Directed by Moniere and David Allensworth, the latter of whom co-wrote with Eric Bram, Soul to Keep stars Sandra Mae Frank, Aurora Heimbach, Kate Rose Reynolds, and Tony Spitz.



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