Video Explores Much Different Versions of Pinhead, Engineer & Cenobites in HELLRAISER: ORIGINS

It’s been a couple weeks since Mr. H got his hands on the full treatment for the unmade Hellraiser: Origins feature film, which included the now infamous trailer released in 2013 (bottom of the article). Though it never came to fruition, Mr. H’s complete overview of the plot outline was hypnotic and unnerving, playing out like a short audiobook (link below).

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One of Mr. H’s latest videos revisits the primordial, smoldering world of Hellraiser: Origins paying specific attention to the innovations made to established characters from Clive Barker’s founding mythology. Give it a spin for artwork and descriptions of a much different Pinhead—and many others.

Mr. H explains:

“Mike Le Han and Paul Gerrard teamed up to create a short video to aid in their pitch of Hellraiser: Origins a brand-new reimagining of the world of Hellraiser. Sadly, it never came to be and until now, very few pieces of information is available on the project. [In this video] I run through the new Pinhead, new Leviathan, the new Engineer, and of course the Cenobites!”

A trailer for a cancelled project that features “Pinhead” at the dawn of time.

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