(Video) Full Plot of Unmade HELLRAISER: ORIGINS Has Been Unearthed

“In the beginning, there was darkness. Before there was man, before there was any life, there was Hell.”

Over the past few weeks, one of our favorite UK film critics and academics, Mr. H, has been producing a series of videos looking at films that will most likely never come to fruition. He’s given special attention to the Hellraiser franchise, procuring not only the notoriously hard to get screenplay for Clive Barker’s unmade 2014 reboot, but a 40-page treatment that proceeded it.

Today, Mr. H reveals he’s gotten ahold of another Unholy Grail.

It’s been over 5 years since a faux trailer for a prequel film called Hellraiser: Origins set the internet aflutter. It was massive in scope and featured an intriguing new iteration of the iconic Hell Priest, Pinhead. Director Mike Le Han hoped to expand the 2-minute trailer into a feature film; when he was unable to find studio backing, he announced plans to turn Hellraiser: Origins into a short film, but that project also failed to materials.

Mr. H has unearthed a PDF of the entire plot breakdown for Hellraiser: Origins—and it’s simply fantastic. In his hypnotic baritone voice, he narrates a “blood-soaked tale of sex, magic, and esoterica.” If you haven’t seen the “trailer” for Hellraiser: Origins yet, check it out below before playing Mr. H’s exploration embedded at the top of the article.

If you can’t stream, I’ve included a brief summary at the bottom of the article.

Hellraiser: Origins takes place in a pre-biblical world where man and the older gods walk the same scorched earth. Pinhead is a human ambassador, the ruler of the Cenobites and master of the largest citadel in the land. He forces shards of metal into his chakra points as a method of meditation. After a coup attempt that sees Pinhead’s daughter and wife murdered, the Hell Priest seeks a relic that will grant him power over both a King God and a Deviant God. It culminates in an original Armageddon that sees Pinhead’s domain collapsed into “Leviathan’s seed”. Millennia later, toymaker Phillip L’Merchant discovers the “seed” in a peddler’s wagon; the peddler asks: “What’s your pleasure, Sir?”

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