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Though the lawsuit between original Friday the 13th scribe and director, Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham respectively, is over (kind of) and Miller is pushing forward with a reboot (in theory) no one is objectively expecting a new entry in the classic slasher series anytime soon. Luckily, the world of Friday the 13th is thriving in the arena of fan films!

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We’ve just seen the trailer for Jason Rising; not only does it boast a unique “cops and robbers” plotline, it has a retro look, like something produced during Friday the 13th’s golden years (the 1980s, obviously). It’s the brainchild of James Sweet, Karl Whinnery, and Robert Blanche, who are currently looking for funding to complete and distribute the film. You can read more about the film, perks being made to contributors, and even support Jason Rising financially, if you are so inclined, HERE.

JASON RISING: A FRIDAY THE 13th FAN FILM is a story about Officer Pete Daltry on the hunt of a fugitive on the run after escaping from the Wessex County corrections farm and headed in the direction of Camp Crystal Lake. He is accompanied by two agents from the fugitive recovery team but when they enter the hollowed grounds of the camp they find out they are the hunted.

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